Shall we only drink warm water?

Before Breakfast Japanese Water Treatment: This is why you should drink warm water in the morning

Drinking warm water in the morning before you even have breakfast has many health benefits. We explain what they are and how the Japanese water treatment works.

Do you feel unfit and are often tired? Your metabolism is not really getting going and somehow all the signs are pointing to your body not doing too well? Then could a water treatment is just right for you be.

The principle of the water cure originally comes from Japan. Here is the one Trick to drink warm water on an empty stomach in the morning, has been very widespread for a long time.

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This is how the Japanese water treatment works

Instead of having coffee or something to eat, this is how you start the day ...

  • Drink 6 ounces of water every morning after you get up. That's about four small glasses. If you can't get in with four glasses, work your way up slowly. You only drink one glass of water on the first morning, maybe two on the second morning, and so on.
  • After that, don't eat anything for 45 minutes.
  • You can then have breakfast as normal.
  • You shouldn't eat or drink anything for two hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

An additional tip: lukewarm water is easier to drink than cold. This will make it easier for you to drink the full amount of fluid.


This is what it does when you drink warm water in the morning:

You help your body fight disease

High blood pressure, gastritis, diabetes, headaches and aches and pains, constipation, palpitations - The Japanese water cure is said to help or alleviate many diseases and ailments. However, it must be carried out over a certain minimum number of days. Here you can find a small overview.

  • Hypertension: 30 days
  • Stomach problems: 10 days
  • Diabetes: 30 days
  • Constipation: 10 days
  • Gastritis: 10 days

It is easier for your body to detoxify

Overnight, your body goes through its own little detox program. If you drink a large amount of water in the morning, you can help the organism to drain the pollutants and toxins that have accumulated from your body more quickly. This significantly reduces their effect.

Your skin is glowing

Your skin will also benefit from the extra amount of water in the morning. After a short time you will notice that it appears purer, more radiant and firmer.

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Your metabolism is stimulated

Especially in the early morning, a little extra nudge cannot harm the metabolism. It gets going faster and more calories are burned. This is very helpful when your goal is to burn fat.

You feel fitter

By boosting your metabolism and your lymphatic system, you will quickly feel much fitter and healthy in the morning. Perhaps you can even support the effect of the water treatment with a small yoga session in the morning.

You have less food cravings

Water curbs your appetite. That's why you have less craving for unhealthy snacks and sweets when doing the Japanese water regimen. You lose weight practically on the side.

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Your hair looks better

Too little liquid dries out the skin and that also affects the scalp. So if you ingest large amounts of water, it is also good for your hair. More fluids can lead to better growth and shinier hair.

As you can see, it is worth trying the Japanese water treatment because it is simple and has so many great effects.

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