What are your DIY ideas for fall

Make autumn decorations yourself - 15 DIY craft ideas for the third season

Make autumn decorations yourself – 15 DIY craft ideas for the third season

Colorful leaves, acorns and rose hips - the fruits of autumn stimulate the imagination. As children we loved making chestnut figures, pressing leaves and gluing pictures from them. Autumn is handicraft time and with the right ideas you can bring the beauty of nature into your home. If a Autumn wreath on the front door, garlands of felt leaves in the windows or candle glasses filled with chestnuts - Make autumn decorations yourself is easy and fun. Here are over 15 ideas.


Make autumn decorations yourself -Fall Mobile

Hello autumn! This mobile is quick and easy and will turn any bare wall into an eye-catcher. On your next walk, collect large, colorful leaves and press them into a thick book. Attach the leaves to a straight branch with transparent cord and hang up your mobile.

Atmospheric candles

Especially on cloudy days, candles give off light and warmth and create a feel-good atmosphere. Attach a large sheet of paper to a tall candle with a strip of double-sided tape. Wrap natural cord around the candle and tie a bow. Arrange candles of different sizes to create stylish table decorations. Bring even more light into your living room with a homemade one lamp! I'll give you 15 great craft ideas here in front.

Little animals made of leaves -Make autumn decorations yourself

Kids will love this idea! On a long walk in the woods, collect leaves of all possible sizes, colors and shapes. Press this between book pages. Put the pressed leaves next to foxes, mice and birds. There are no limits to your imagination!

Autumn candle jar

The fruits of nature are finally ripe and ready to be harvested. These candle glasses adorned with ears of wheat are particularly suitable table decorations for Thanksgiving. Cut off the stalks of the ears, then arrange the ears around a jar (it is best to have someone help you with this step). Tie the ears of wheat with natural string. Finally, put a small candle in it.

Make autumn decorations yourself -Leaf art

Turn leaves into real works of art! Gel pens, markers, crayons and watercolors are the perfect materials to make leaves even more beautiful. Press the leaves, then prime them with acrylic paint, this will bring out the markers and watercolors better.

Window decorations made from preserved leaves

For Make autumn decorations yourself we like to use colored leaves, but how do you make them durable? The answer is simple: with wax! Melt wax in an old, small saucepan, then dip the leaves in it. Hang the leaves on a clothesline to dry. Garlands, mobiles or window decorations can now be tinkered with the leaves preserved in this way.

Leaves garland -Make autumn decorations yourself

Nice wall decoration that you can use again next year! Print out the stencils, then transfer them to colorful cardboard. Cut out the leaves and thread them with string. Tip: you can also use patterned paper!


Paper pumpkins

These sweet pumpkins are the perfect decoration for the set table for dinner. Cut orange cardboard into strips, then glue two strips crosswise together. Now glue a strip diagonally across the middle and a second strip from the other side. Then take two opposite ends and glue them together. Gradually fix all ends with a little glue.


Candle glasses with chestnuts -Make autumn decorations yourself

Isn't it a great feeling to fill your pockets with chestnuts? Pure nostalgia. Chestnuts can be wonderfully decorated. Collect the shiny fruits and their peels and place them in tall candle glasses.

Curtain made of felt sheets

For this pretty autumn curtain you need felt in light green, green, orange and red. Cut out elongated leaves, these do not have to be even and can be of different sizes. Then take a needle and thread and thread the leaves on. Make several garlands out of the leaves and hang them on a wide ribbon.

Wool gourds

Super cute and fluffy, the wool pumpkins are so easy to imitate. Wrap orange wool around your fingers, then tie the wool in the middle. Place a piece of green pipe cleaner in the middle and tie it with orange wool. Pull the wool tightly! Make several pumpkins and attach them to a piece of natural string.

Leaf mobile

To make this leaf mobile, collect smaller leaves and press them. Thread the leaves on a thread and tie a small pine cone to the end, then take a metal hoop and wrap it in brown wool. Next comes the suspension: tie cords around the tire and tie them in the middle. Now hang the leaf garlands on the mobile.


Magic candle jars -Make autumn decorations yourself

For these enchanting candle jars you need real leaves or leaves made of fabric, a mason jar and napkin glue. Apply the glue generously to the sheet, then press it onto the glass. Flatten any air bubbles and let the glue dry well. Decorate the candle jar with straw ribbons. 20+ ideas for Wedding decorations with mason jars can you find in this article.

Leaf decoration

Make autumn decorations yourself is easier than expected! Take a page from a discarded book and stick a nice sheet of paper on it. Frame the page and place a scented candle in front of the picture frame.

Roses from leaves

I've saved the prettiest idea for last. Roses can be made wonderfully from large leaves. Fold a sheet in half, then fold it in. Now wind it up. Take another folded sheet of paper and wrap it around the center of the rose. Two outer leaves follow, then secure the stems with wire.

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