Is Selena Gomez Mexican

Selena, you are not alone!

By Franziska Deus | February 20, 2018, 10:24 a.m.

She has the most successful Instagram account in the world: around 133 million people follow singer and actress Selen Gomez (25) on Instagram. But the pretty artist is not as extraordinary as you might think - at least as far as her appearance is concerned ...

Every person is unique - one would think. But sometimes nature plays a trick on us and apparently distributes the same genes to several people. This is also the case with Selena Gomez. She has not just one, but three suspiciously good doppelgangers. Does Justin Bieber's (23) girlfriend have a common face? Or did everyone just hit the gene jackpot? Decide for yourself ...

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1. Sofia Solares

The similarity is so amazing that even die-hard Selena fans are not always sure whether the pictures show the original or the doppelganger. Sofia Solares (23) is Mexican, Selena Gomez at least has a Mexican father. With over 600,000 followers on Instagram, Sofia is a little star herself. It cannot be ruled out that it owes its success primarily to its good genes.

2. Lara Valentini

The cute Italian is not as well known as Sofia Solares, but with almost 20,000 followers on Instagram, Lara Valentini (18) doesn't have to hide. Was she able to convince her fans with her look? After all, Lara almost looks in many pictures as if she could be Selena's little sister.

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3. Doniya Malik

Well, does the last name ring? Right, that's the older sister Zayn Malik (25). , Ex-member of One Direction and friend of top model Gigi Hadid (22). The 26-year-old Doniya works as a make-up artist and is very successful herself with over 670,000 followers on Instagram. Her fans love her elaborate make-up looks, with which she could easily compete with Kim Kardashian (36). But when the celebrity sister shows herself with more subtle make-up, she comes suspiciously close to the Selena original.

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