How do you sell your images

Microstocks: Sell your photos online

Arne Arnold

Don't let your vacation photos get stuck on the memory card. You can use photo services to display your pictures online and even earn money with them conveniently.

You can also make money from your photos. All you have to do is upload your pictures to so-called microstock photo services. Presentation, marketing and billing with the buyers take care of the services for you. For most services, your share depends on your success. An overview of five popular microstock agencies can be found in the table above. If you want to sell your pictures there, you should pay attention to the following tips:

EnlargeAn overview of the five most popular microstock agencies.

Log In: Registering as a photo seller is free of charge for all common services, as is uploading the photos. Only upload good photos to the service. Each image is reviewed before it is published. If the service does not like a recording, it rejects it. You should not resubmit the picture or you may be banned from the service.
Prizes and profit sharing: Microstock services differ from traditional picture agencies mainly in their low prices for customers. Instead of charging several thousand euros for a photo, the microstocks are satisfied with just three or four euros. Only some pictures are offered more expensive.

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The margin for the photographer depends on his reputation. The more he sells, the higher his share. It starts at 20 to 40 percent and then climbs up to 63 percent depending on the service (with Fotolia). There is only a fixed share at Pitopia. It is 50 percent if the photo is sold directly through the photo service and drops to 43 percent if a middleman was able to sell the picture.

EnlargeNumber of images offered by microstock agencies.

Find the right microstock service: The photo services are similar in terms of the structure of the site and the service for the photographer and the customer. In addition, all services have first-class and highly professional images. These ultimately form the competition for your photos.

The Shutterstock website only sells the photos to subscribers. These customers have a correspondingly high demand for image material. If you want to sell your photos here, you will face the greatest competition. The service offers over 15.5 million images.

Online payment method - all advantages and risks

At iStockphoto there are also pictures for individual sales, but this service has its own department with high-priced photos. They are aimed at professional customers, such as advertising agencies. Both services only pay out the profit sharing when a minimum amount has been reached. Shutterstock is $ 75 and iStockphoto is $ 100. With these services, photographers who want to continuously upload images are in good hands.

If you only want to post a few vacation photos or a few other shots on a microstock service, you should take a look at Fotolia. The service also offers images from semi-professional photographers and pays out even small winnings immediately.

If you are unsure which service to choose, try the following: Think of keywords that match your photos. Enter these keywords in the search for the microstock services. The search result corresponds to your future competition. If your photos can keep up, you've come to the right place.