How do I identify an AI application

The 5 most important AI trends and how to identify the first use cases for your AI start

What impact can you actually expect if you are now actively dealing with the topic of AI?

Potential future market leadership, or at least technology leadership and the associated increases in income, efficiency and service quality.
It's perfectly normal for companies to sit back and relax when new technology comes along. The fact that AI in its current form (deep and machine learning) should be treated differently, however, is evident from the great importance attached to the topic by all the greats in technology, business and even politics. It didn't even exist in this form on the Internet 25 years ago.
What strikes me again and again in this context is that companies with statements such as “Google has all the data, we can no longer compete” are displaying an unjustified fatalism. On the one hand this is not only wrong, because Google does not have any data that would be specific enough to cover an industrial use case, but on the other hand it is nonsense in a historical context. An AVL and Magna are the best proof that for the perfect application of a technology it is not necessary that it was invented in one's own country. In the specific case, it was about computers and their application for simulation in the automotive industry.
Even a SAP would never have existed if one had referred to a “relational databases all come from the USA”.
It is up to us to ensure that we also master this wave of technology and that new companies with exciting products and services emerge from it.