What are George Washington's nicknames

George Washington

Reign: 1789-1797

George Washington (born 1732, † 1799)

George Washington was one of the Founding Fathers and the first President of the United States of America. He spent his childhood and school days in Virginia, where he grew up next to the wealthy aristocratic Fairfax family, with whose daughter Sally he befriended. Despite his feelings for Sally, he decided to marry Martha Dandridge Custis, an influential widow who, thanks to her good contacts and financial means, should help him to a political career.

Military and politics
After a short military career, Washington began his political career in 1759 as a member of the House of Burgesses and made a name for himself in the War of Independence against England. After suffering a few defeats against British troops, he emerged victorious in 1781 with the support of French troops at the battle of Yorktown.

Reign (1789-1797):
Washington recognized that the articles of confederation, the forerunner of the American constitution of 1789, often rendered the confederation incapable of making decisions. That is why he campaigned for constitutional reform and presided over the "Constitutional Convention" of 1787. After the ratification of the new constitution, Washington was unanimously elected president of all ten participating states in 1789. John Adams became the first Vice President and Thomas Jefferson became Secretary of State.
During his tenure, the US gained land in the west. In addition, Washington founded the Supreme Court (1789), had the first census carried out in 1790 and founded the "Bank of the United States" a year later. In addition, the US states of Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee were admitted to the federation and the ten amendments ("amendments") to the constitution, the Bill of Rights, passed.
Washington, who renounced a third term, passed this on as a model to his successors and in 1797 said goodbye to politics. With the exception of Franklin D. Roosevelt, all US presidents adhered to this tradition, which is still valid today, and never hold the office of president for more than two terms.
Interestingly, Washington never belonged to any party during his eight years in office. Politically, he leaned towards the English understanding of the state and not towards revolutionary France. He was nicknamed "Federalist" because he campaigned for a national authority to be installed above the states. This made him the spiritual father of the later "Federalist Party".

The Washington Monument was erected in his honor. He is also immortalized in Mount Rushmore (see photo).

"To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace." (George Washington)

Martha Dandridge Custis Washington (born 1731, † 1802)

At the age of 18 Martha Dandrige married the wealthy Daniel Parke Custis. In 1757, when her two children were very young, her husband died. Two years later, when George Washington, 26, married Martha Dandrige Custis, she was considered Virginia's richest woman due to the legacy of her first husband.

As the first first lady in US history confided to her niece in a letter, she sometimes felt like a prisoner of state because, as a woman at the side of the US president, she had very specific things to do and not to do. In particular, she would have preferred to spend more time at home. Nonetheless, the wellbeing of her husband and children always came first for her. In addition, she was always tactful and discreet, not least because of her origins.

After the death of George Washington, Martha Washington, who always paid attention to the privacy of her family, burned all letters that she wrote to her husband in order to keep her private life private.