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Freight cost calculator

In order to transport bulky goods or a large number of goods, a truck transport via a forwarding agent usually has to be commissioned. But there is a large selection of transport service providers. With our freight cost calculator you can quickly and easily compare 600+ freight forwarders and book them directly online.

Freight cost calculator: examples

beginaimchargecarrierPrice from (net) 
CologneLeipzig3 bicycles [in a box]70.58€
BerlinHamburg15 EUR pallets376.05€
Frankfurt am MainMunich10 EUR lattice boxes268.87€
DresdenErfurt5 EUR6 pallets97.72€
Freiburg in BreisgauKiel5 EUR pallets217.67€

The prices quoted (as of October 16, 2020) fluctuate daily. Enter route and load in the shipping cost calculator to find out how much your desired transport will cost!

With the freight cost calculator, after a few entries, you get the cheapest offer quickly and easily brings more transparency to the logistics industry. You no longer have to laboriously research the Internet or even get prices from various shipping companies by e-mail or telephone. Use our freight cost calculator conveniently and receive a large number of offers at a glance in a few seconds. It only takes a few steps to do this. First you determine the start and end point of your transport. Then select the type of freight and specify the scope or dimensions of the goods or objects to be transported. One more click and you will receive a direct price comparison of the cheapest freight forwarders that can take on your order. Here you can also see the ratings of the individual transport service providers and, if desired, obtain additional information from customer reviews. Then select the offer that suits you and book easily via our website. At you will always find the optimal solution for your transport order.

The right forwarding agent for your truck transport

With us you will find transport service providers for every type of freight. Our partner freight forwarders transport all goods to any extent, regardless of whether general cargo, partial loads (LTL) or full loads (FTL). You can also send your freight as an additional load, which is transported in addition to a main freight, and thus secure even lower prices. brings forwarding companies together with commercial and private customers who want to send goods. Everyone involved benefits from this. The freight forwarders avoid empty runs and fill the freight compartments of their trucks optimally with additional loads. For their part, end customers can have freight costs for trucks calculated and thus find the cheapest shipping company for their transport order. This is how our platform works: Pamyra partner shipping companies reveal their capacities - these are compared with customer inquiries. If there is a match, an order is placed. Our forwarding partners offer almost all types of transport: from general cargo and bulky goods, through partial loads (LTL) to full loads (FTL). Consumers can thus have cargo of almost any type, size and weight transported. The only exceptions are bulk, liquid and gas transports.

Simply compare all your options on and book your preferred offer with just a few clicks.

Calculate freight costs of all kinds, regardless of whether you are a private or commercial customer

While other transport exchanges specialize in certain niches, on you can calculate the freight costs at any time and for almost any type of transport. A company ID or other registration processes are not necessary. Our large network of partner freight forwarders offers comprehensive logistics solutions and the appropriate capacities for your freight order. If you only have to send piece goods, you can usually have them transported cheaply as an additional load. But even with partial loads (LTL) or full loads (FTL) you will find the right provider on our free comparison and brokerage portal. If your freight requires special handling or security, as is the case with refrigerated or dangerous goods, for example, you will also find it.