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Top 15: Spider-Man's greatest opponents

Spider-Man is one of the most famous and popular superheroes of all time. His adventures, his private problems and his skills have fascinated young and old readers for over 50 years. What makes Spider-Man's adventure especially exciting is its almost infinite number of opponents. Some are quirky, some are total psychopaths, and others are damn personable. Funnily enough, many have of Spideys especially older adversaries are role models from the animal world. We now show you our ultimate top list of the greatest Spider-Man opponents.

15. Jackal [The Jackal]

The mad scientist Miles Warren made its first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man # 31 from 1965. Experiments later Dr. Warren around himself and got an extremely bizarre look. The jackal is responsible for the most bizarre and complicated Spider-Man era: The clone saga. The jackal made several clones of it Peter Parker to create what has left too much confusion and chaos in the world of Peter Parker.

14. Rhino

Aleksei Sytsevich, as Rhino's real name is, made its first appearance in 1966 in Amazing Spider-Man # 41. Actually is Rhino not a bad guy, only he often lets himself be influenced negatively, is not the brightest and has big problems with aggression. When he accidentally killed a security guard in a bank robbery, he wrote the guard's widow a letter and even sent her money. With Spidey he often delivered very funny duels, in which Spidey predominantly kept the upper hand.

13. Electro

Maxwell Dillon alias Electric is probably one of the most underrated villains in the Marvel Universe. He made his first appearance in 1964 in Amazing Spider-Man # 9 and is one of Spidey's first opponents. In the film Amazing Spider-Man 2 he even made his first appearance on the big screen and became an actor Jamie Foxx embodied. After Dillon got his skills it was J. Jonah Jamesonwho set him on Spidey.

12. Lizard

Curtis Connors is a brilliant scientist who like many others Spidey Villain, actually damn likeable. Dr. Connors in Amazing Spider-Man # 6 from the year 1963. If he doesn't look like him Lizardfights Spidey, his alter ego helps Dr. Connors Spidey for mainly scientific questions and topics. He, too, has already appeared on the big screen in Amazing Spider-Man 1. It was played by Rhys Ifans.

11. Sandman

William Baker, as the real name of the Spidey long-time villain, made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man # 4 from 1963. He is thus also one of Spidey's first opponents and is a very serious adversary. Spidey defeated Sandman when they first met with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Baker had in Spider-Man 3 from 2007 his first and only appearance on the big screen and was made by the actor Thomas Haden Church played. From the outside, a perfect line-up.

10. The Vulture

Adrian Toomes made its first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man # 2 from 1963 and was Spidey's first real super villain antagonist. The frail Toomes, who is also a gifted inventor, had in Spider-Man Homecoming makes his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and becomes an acting legend Micheal Keaton played.

9. Mysterio

The master of illusions Mysterioalso made its first appearance in 1963 Amazing Spider-Man # 2. It only became closed in issue # 12 Mysterio and caused a lot of confusion in Spidey's superhero career. Beck died what felt like 9 times during his career as Mysterio, according to Spider-Man, and was even replaced by two other criminals at times. However, Beck remains the only true Mysterio. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mysterio made his first - and certainly not the last - appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home and is used by actors Jake Gyllenhaal played.

8. Morlun

The totem hunter from another dimension with the weird clothing style made his first appearance in 2001 in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 # 30 and was made by the scribe J. Michael Straczynski brought to life. Morlun was above all a very important part of the great Spidey stories "The Other" and "Spider-Verse". He is one of the few villains who managed to beat up Spider-Man. Morlun even ripped out Peter's eye and ate it. Bad guy. Very bad!

7. Carnage

The psychopathic serial killer Cletus Kasady, whose symbiote is virtually the offspring of Venom is definitely one of Spider-Man's most dangerous opponents. As Carnage, Kasady made his first appearance in 1992 in Amazing Spider-Man # 361. Above all, he worried during the Maximum Carnage Events for terror and chaos in the streets New Yorks. Spider-Man even had to team up with Venom to stop Carnage. Kasady made his first appearance on the big screen in the closing credits of Venom and is featured by Woody Harrelson played.

6. J. Jonah Jameson

Though Peter's step-cousin J. Jonah Jameson is not a super villain in the classical sense, he belongs to Spider-Mans fierce adversaries. He made his appearance in Amazing Spider-Man # 1 from 1963 and is one of the first and oldest Spider-Man characters. Whether as editor of the Daily Bugle or as mayor of new York, the man with the unforgettable mustache always makes Spidey's life hell. Among other things, he was also responsible for the creation of the Scorpio responsible. Jonah recently found out about Peter's identity as Spidey in the comics and is now one of his biggest fans.

5. Kingpin

Although Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin meanwhile to Daredevils Archenemy is advanced, he is one of the classic Spidey villains. It made its first appearance in 1967 in Amazing Spider-Man # 50 and is now even represented in the MCU. He made his first appearance in Daredevil Netflix Series and was made by Vincent D'Onofrio played.

4. Kraven

Sergei Kravinoff is crazy about Spider-Man. And not in a positive way. Probably the greatest hunter in the world is obsessed with hunting and catching Spider-Man. Kravenmade its first appearance in 1964 in Amazing Spider-Man # 15 and years later made for one of the best Spidey stories of all time: Kraven's last hunt. Back then, the good Kraven even shot the brain out of his own head. But as we know, nobody stays dead long in the Marvel cosmos.

3. Doctor Octopus

Dr. Otto Octavius is one of the best known, most popular and oldest adversaries of Spidey. It made its first appearance in 1963 Amazing Spider-Man # 3 and is known for his arrogant character, intellect, and tentacles. Doc Ock even managed to take over Peter Parker's body and become the new Spider-Man after his own death. His popularity ensured, among other things, that he was in the film Spider-Man 2 from 2004 the villain was. He was from Alfred Molina embodies what in retrospect turned out to be the perfect cast.

2. Venom - Eddie Brock

The former reporter Eddie Brockwho is to blame for his own failure Spider-Man gave its first appearance in 1986 in the edition Web of Spider-Man # 18. Two years later, Eddie "received" the alien symbiote that Peter had briefly before during the Secret Wars Events from outer space took with them to earth and became part of the issue Amazing Spider-Man # 299 to one of the most dangerous and at the same time most popular Spidey adversaries. Venom and Spider-Man fought bitter battles, but also fought together against dangers such as Carnage. Venom even later became an anti-hero. Years later, Eddie became so seriously ill that he had to sell the symbiote. However, it ended up in the hands of the US Army and was passed on to Peter's former classmate Flash Thompson given that too Agent Venom has been. Currently, however, Eddie is again in the possession of the symbiote.

1. Green Goblin

The Green leprechaun is the undisputed number # 1 in our ranking of Spider-Man's worst enemies. The psychopathic one Norman Osborn made his first appearance as the Green Leprechaun in Amazing Spider-Man # 14 from 1964 and responsible for Peter's biggest loss. He was instrumental in thatGwen Stacy dies responsible and made Peter permanent hell. Norman Osborn has also appeared in both Spider-Man films. He was featured in the first Spidey film from 2002 Willem Dafoe played and was the great adversary. His appearance in Amazing Spider-Man 2 With Andrew Garfield in the main role is actually not worth mentioning.

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