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Our 11 most embarrassing and worst travel stories

When we talk about traveling, we like to reminisce about the most beautiful, romantic and exciting moments of our vacation. On Instagram we present ourselves as happy travelers, show photos of breathtaking sunsets and beautiful beaches. Traveling can also be really exhausting, sometimes even absolutely catastrophic. Just like in everyday life, bad organization, a lack of communication and unforeseen catastrophes are part of traveling - but unfortunately we rarely talk about them. So I asked my colleagues what their worst travel stories are - everything from mild illnesses to almost missed flights is included. And even if we all probably didn't have much fun during the events, we should always take such events with humor in retrospect: In contrast to an all-round successful trip, we have at least one adventurous story to tell afterwards.

1. Hella didn't even make it on vacation

"I once found out at the airport that the flight won't leave for a year. Yes, really. My friend and I spontaneously booked a super cheap flight to Sicily and even treated ourselves to a taxi from Charlottenburg to Schönefeld on the day of departure ( Berliners will know how painful that hurts). When we arrived in Schönefeld, we didn't find our flight on the ad at first, so we wanted to ask at the counter. Only when we pushed the tickets over did I realize that it was a completely different year and we we were happy a little too early. "

2. Wiebke paddled in Sweden

"I once went paddling with friends in Sweden. Of course without a mobile phone because of digital detox and such. Unfortunately we paddled and came out six hours later in the dark on a camping site. There we had to call our accommodation and be picked up. Embarrassing!"

3. Marie was not allowed to spend the night in Scotland with her boyfriend

"My husband (who I wasn't married to at the time) and I had booked a lonely hostel on the outer hybrids in Scotland. When the owner found out we weren't married, he didn't want us to sleep in one room and gestured Carsten that he could sleep on an air mattress in the kitchen. We stayed in the car. "

4. Franzi cannot recommend the clinics in Bali

"My friend and I once spent a day in a" clinic "in Lombok, Bali. My friend with dengue fever was given a saline infusion for four hours while I counted the geckos on the ceiling. We got the information about the blood result Incidentally, with "Bad news for you, Henning" delivered. "

5. Rebecca got hives in Riga

"My friend and I went to visit a former fellow student who I met at Erasmus in Finland. It was nice that we could sleep with her, but we got a moderate shock upon arrival because the apartment was completely shabby and dirty She didn't seem to notice and we felt very uncomfortable right from the start. We continued in Riga. The cuisine made of lots of bread, cabbage and pork bothered us. We just wanted something fresh to eat, but somehow we were able to can't find anything right. We had nice moments on the beach and at a culture night with music, exhibitions, etc. But the climax of the bad came when I started to itch all over the place. For the first time in my life I got hives, The fabric on the skin did the rest, but since we felt so uncomfortable in the apartment, we even wore socks while sleeping so that none of our skin comes too close to the bed. Fortunately it was just a short trip. The itching and red spots disappeared after a few days. I don't know if it came from the food, the apartment, the stress or whatever. Unfortunately, Riga will forever remain associated with this experience. "

6. Anna got into the "healing arts" of her Vietnamese relatives

"Family dinners in Vietnam are always a little adventure in themselves: My uncle had brought fresh seafood with him for dinner. The food also tasted pretty good, but an hour later I suddenly felt really sick. I vomited several times inside In the bathroom and outside at the "washing-up station" it came out front and back. When my parents came back, the first thing they treated me was a schnapps that contained whole peppercorns. My aunt wanted to make me a double espresso because the " should help "and I was also rubbed all over my body with tiger balm. That was really bad."

7. Wiebke recommends not to sleep in London hostels

"When we were young and broke, we stayed in a hostel in London that also had a bar up front. Our room was a mixed 12-person dorm, and when a friend of ours started snoring, one guy just got over it nudged in the face. "

8. Camila was robbed in Argentina. Twice.

"I actually love Argentina, my father's home country. Unfortunately, my family and I were robbed on the street by a gangster during a visit. After we filed a complaint, the street gang teamed up with the police to find out the address and robbed my papa again. "

9. Charlott cannot recommend Phnom Penh airport

"I wanted to fly from Cambodia to America and was standing at the airport in Phnom Penh to check in for my flight to Seattle. The lady at the counter wanted to see my credit card (which was weird enough), but unfortunately I couldn't show it because I was robbed by a passing motorcyclist four days beforehand. The lady said that I could only board the flight if I showed her my credit card or would just book the flight again - which was not possible because I no longer had a credit card, only some more cash my friend sent me through Western Union! After an hour of panicking trying to find some money, the last desperate act I asked an American if he could withdraw me $ 700 for the flight, I would give him that Immediately transfer via PayPal. I will be eternally grateful to this stranger for helping a confused German in need. Later we sat together on the plane and I have i hn still visited in San Francisco. "

10. Rebecca was surprised by the constant rain in Milan

"I was on a city trip to Milan with my girlfriend. It was October. Okay, not really summer anymore, but actually that shouldn't be a problem in Italy. Of course we were lucky that we got caught by a rain right after our plane arrived that almost only stopped when we were back on the plane to Berlin and could admire an orange sunset in the distance through the small windows. We knew beforehand that it was going to rain, so we weren't unprepared. The day of arrival was still there very humane to us. We had rain boots and jackets as well as an umbrella. However, we were really not prepared for the duration and strength. We both needed a break after a stressful professional phase and actually wanted to stroll a little, look at the city, etc. We then saw many museums and were busy with constant gray and wet, the rain was so heavy we had to lift our suitcases because d The water could not drain and we had to walk through ankle-high water in places. Despite careful research and due to the rain, we didn't even have culinary highlights. The desire to go out in the evening was of course gone anyway. So we sat in our accommodation with pizza and beer from the kiosk next door and watched films on the laptop. Apart from the art scene, we haven't seen much of Milan itself. "

11. It took Marit 28 hours from Marseille to Florence

"It took me 28 hours and 7 trains instead of 9 hours and 2 trains to get from Marseille to Florence. We started in the morning from Marseille to Nice, where we missed our first connecting train. The odyssey started and we had to each other work with regional trains from city to city along the coast. In Ventimiglia (Italian border) we missed the next connection, of course none of the staff at the stations could speak English (classic), so we never really knew which one Trains we can take (that was before the glory days of free roaming all over Europe). Sometime towards evening we arrived in Genova; the train station there was terrible, super dirty and dodgy characters everywhere, which is why we quickly jumped on the last train who drove from there to Pisa, but our ticket was not valid for him, so we did half the journey on the semi-sau hiding a toilet ... And when we arrived in Florence the next morning after our stopover in Pisa, the reception of our hostel was not yet open and we slept on the sidewalk for three hours in front of the door.