Are my thoughts good enough

The fear of not being good enough - and how to get rid of it

Quietly, quietly and secretly, she creeps around the corner, the fear of not being good enough. To be honest, not really quiet, because it had been pounding quite loudly in my head for years. Some fears yelled at me, others I just felt somewhere in my body. My little heart began to race or I was overcome with a good dose of anger, about my own inadequacy and it felt like a fire that, sometimes big, heated my mind properly.

Because sometimes, if you think for a brief moment that everything is good, then it overwhelms you with full force, the fear of not being good enough.

We can probably all join in on this song now, because I think almost everyone knows this song about the fear of not being good enough. And if we already feel connected in this song, then let's look for a common way to transform this song into a song of joy and love.

The song of fear is like a drop of poison

If someone puts a drop of poison into a glass of fresh, clear water, all of the water is poisoned. It is the same with our thoughts. We poison our own mind with thoughts that are poison to our self-image. Our self-created mental image, which tells us who or how we have to be, tells us that we are not good enough. “Look at me, I haven't been able to do that for five years. I can not. I'm not good enough. ”The reduction to our external appearance is also popular. We compare ourselves to others at every opportunity and we always find something and then pull the whip out. “I'm fat and ugly and I can't even finally look great on the new super diet (which everyone else is successful with). I am not good enough."

It can sound like this or something like that and you may find yourself in it again. There is a fixed picture of yourself in your head and that is always at least one step away from being good enough. And that is enough that you are constantly stuck in the self-optimization mania.

Thoughts are not facts

Thoughts are little stories that we tell each other and they vary depending on our mood. They are more like a flag in the wind or like the seeds of the dandelion, which scatter in all directions when we blow on them. They dance cheerfully in all directions in order to then unite with new thoughts or to play a funny row of circles game. Keeping ourselves one step away from being good enough. So that we don't get tired with this mind game, we catch short moments of happiness every now and then. The more we try to hold onto this little feeling of happiness, the faster the next pretty little story about our inability to come into our unconscious perception.

A self-destruct program is running in autopilot mode. The really good news is, we can turn off the autopilot and change the fear of not being good enough program.

When fear tells you its story

Then keep calm. Breathe and see if this fear is the truth. Decide whether you want to believe this story and thus offer fear a cozy place in you or whether you would rather choose the show of love. Both are possible. Remember, however, that the fear just wants to hold you tight and prevent your growth. Love always gives you your freedom.

introduce yourself

Just imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you were to consciously perceive with every fiber of your being that you are infinitely valuable and complete. That everything is already in you. That the seeds are already laid in you to go your way in deep love for yourself and in connection with all being. You only need to cultivate these seeds, not at all laboriously, only with loving thoughts. Imagine that you don't have to be afraid. You are part of something so much bigger. That you would recognize every mistake as an opportunity and a gift. That your biggest dreams would come true.

Just imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you believed in yourself and your abilities from the bottom of your heart. What you have just seen and felt right now, you are in reality.