How do I choose lottery combinations

Munich - Anyone who says that playing the lottery is a pure game of chance is wrong. Here, too, there are one or more tricks and strategies that bring you a little closer to the jackpot.

The principle of the number lottery is simple: the player must correctly predict 6 numbers from a total of 49 between 1 and 6. If exactly those numbers are drawn from the 49 numbers that you ticked in advance on the lottery ticket, you win - and a lot of money!

Sounds simple. To deny that luck does not play a role in the lottery would be a lie. With a probability of winning of 1 in 139,000,000 six correct numbers and the super number, it actually plays a very important role. But now and then you can give your luck a little help.

Lotto - the classic: the magic square

One trick among lottery players is to pick the numbers after the magic square. This particular square comes from mathematics and shows a square arrangement of numbers. These numbers add up to the same result in every row, column and diagonal.

This strategy is quite complex, but still an absolute classic. There are a few videos circulating on the Internet that explain the phenomenon of the "magic square", for example on YouTube.

Explained in a nutshell: One square from the lottery number grid is replaced with another square that contains 4x4 numbers between 1 and 16. The numbers in the square add up to 34.

If you insert this square into the lottery field, some numbers from the original 49 are no longer available and others are duplicated. If you add the numbers that have disappeared with those from the magic square that they replace, you get certain numbers: 25, 26, 27, 38. And lo and behold, these numbers are always among the most frequently drawn lottery numbers. Understand everything?

Lotto - the law of the cross

Another strategy is lottery prediction through the Law of the Cross. The six numbers of a solution are often lined up in the shape of a cross or are isolated on a common cross.

Various videos on the Internet try to prove this by comparing five or six consecutive solutions with each other to make it clear which of the numbers drawn together form a cross. If you trust the strategy, these numbers are then those that are drawn in the next solution.

Lotto - the shared field

But there is also an easier way, after the magic square has demanded a lot and the law of the cross also brings comparisons of different solutions with it.

All you have to do: divide the ticket into individual fields. Simply draw a line through the middle row of numbers horizontally and vertically. This results in four fields from which you can choose your six numbers.

The rule now: Select two numbers with a line through it and one from each field.

Lotto: Pick the right numbers

However, if you have beaten luck thanks to one of the tricks or in another way and you are one of the winners of the last lottery drawing, you may not have the prize money to yourself.

It is therefore important to avoid popular number combinations. These include the numbers 1 to 6 or the first six prime numbers as well as square numbers 1,4,9,16,25,36.

One tip: So if you want to choose the birthdays of your sister, mom and aunt as the lottery numbers again, don't do it. Choose numbers over 30. Because there are even more people who have come up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčticking birthdays on their lottery tickets.

Just leave everything to chance and don't use a sophisticated scheme: Tap blindly on the lottery ticket or make lots with 49 numbers in advance and draw six. In the 60 years of the lottery history, a lot of mishaps and mishaps have happened.

But if you want to be on the safe side and want to study the statistics of the last solutions, you can find them all on the page.