What are the most primal instincts of mankind?

Primal instinct, the


Man is in itself a being of solidarity. Not because it would be a particularly nice species, but because it is a herd animal. If the herd is doing well, we are all doing well, that is obviously a primal instinct that is stirred when it comes to donating after a natural disaster […]. [Der Standard, May 1st, 2015]

There are various theories about the origin of aggression. So goes z. B. the psychoanalytic doctrine assumes that aggression represents one of the primal instincts of humans. [Schaub, Horst and Zenke, Karl G .: Aggression. In: dtv dictionary pedagogy [electronic resource], Berlin: Directmedia Publ. 2002 [1995], p. 38]

The unguarded free grazing milk dispensers (= ecologically kept cows) discovered their basic instincts and practically became wild animals; but also more suspicious and aggressive towards people. [Der Standard, November 12, 2003]

The reason why women in the [grill and barbecue] scene are only allowed to make the salad dressing, prepare the decorations and create a good atmosphere here and there in dirndl suits, the men say, is because they deal with fire and dead animals have always been a man's business. That is a primal instinct that still has an effect, they say slowly and soberly. [Die Zeit, July 22nd, 1999, No. 30]

My old dachshund Fridolin was one of the best connoisseurs I have met in my long life! […] Animals, we all know, have a particularly fine nose for sympathetic and unsympathetic contemporaries, in them the basic instinct is still present that humans have usually lost […]. [New Germany, May 11, 1946 ]