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"Deadpool" with PG-13 rating? David Leitch brings up this option

Is the unthinkable happening? Deadpool 2-Director David Leitch has at least said it before. Deadpool could be given a PG-13 rating in the future.

Since taking over Fox by Disney look at the Deadpool-Fans skeptical of everything that is going on around the hero with the cheeky mouth. That wasn't too much in the end, because it still seems Disney to be undecided about how to do it with Deadpool could go on. The problem: the R rating.

For years it had leading actors Ryan Reynoldsfought to find one Deadpool-Film like it could come from the comics. R rating included. But Disney As is known, it does not have an R-Rating and seems to be accordingly Deadpool 2-Director Leitch is gradually coming to terms with that Deadpool lose the R rating.

In conversation with Yahoo Movies he explained that we could agree on a third film. Deadpool does not necessarily have to have an R rating. In return, however, he also admits that Disney not typically just have to stick to family-friendly PG-13 films.

At the same time he addresses another problem. With the R rating would correspond Deadpool not necessarily the "MCU" brand. The films of the MCU are currently all FSK-12 marked in this country. Deadpool Integrating it into this universe would probably not only be a problem because of the depiction of violence and the dirty slogans.

Leitch also explains in the interview that there is currently still a lot of puzzles as to what will happen Deadpool in Disney's Marvel-World will. From what he had noticed, however, he deduced that it looked very positive. He thinks you're just trying to figure out the best way Deadpool to accommodate, because that is very difficult.

The question that is Disney and Marvel inevitably have to ask, is certainly the following: Lures a young person Deadpool even viewers in the cinemas? It was precisely the adult humor and the exaggerated violence that ultimately made the films stand out from others Marvel-Differentiated film adaptations.

how do you see it? Can a Deadpool-Film without R-Rating work?