Should I play COC or DOTA?

Today we give you together with our Clash of Clans player Martin interesting insights into the popular strategy game.

At the beginning, introduce yourself briefly!

I'm Martin, 27 years old and I come from the Allgäu. I've been playing Clash of Clans for about six years.

In the current team constellation, we've been playing together for a long time, especially since the 5v5 tournaments have existed, we've been a well-rehearsed team. I've always played together with Lukas, Tim and Daniel, and gradually Emre, Fabian and Lars joined us. We got to know each other through the Cloud21 clan, where we all played together before EURONICS. Lukas, Tim and I have already met privately, and I have also seen Daniel at one of our clan meetings. So we are a group that knows each other very well.

At the end of the month we will meet in the gaming house, from where we want to play the Live Qualifier of the Worlds and get to know each other even better overall!

How would you describe the Clash of Clans scene?

It all started with casual players. In the meantime, however, there are two more or less separate scenes: the casual scene and the competitive scene. However, it has to be said that the more professional division of Clash of Clans was born with the players themselves: All tournaments started in a private way, because it was the players who started to organize tournaments. Only then did the scene gradually develop. After the competitive scene got more and more rolling, Supercell also got involved: Last year the first Worlds took place - the first major tournament, which was, among other things, for millions in prize money. That was the breakthrough for the scene, because more and more tournaments followed in which prize money could be won.

There are now some cups that can be played and tournaments that are organized by the ESL, for example. With the ESL championship, we have had an organized and large tournament format in Germany since this season.

What is important in Clash of Clans and what makes the game so special?

I would say to a layman that Clash of Clans is a strategy game in which you have different troops at your disposal and you have to find out in which constellation you best arrange them in order to achieve the greatest possible damage to your opponent in order to end up to destroy his village. There are an incredible number of different tactics and I think that this is exactly what makes the game so special: As a player, you are asked to discover new paths and try your own strategies, because there are no set tactics. Theoretically, you could throw everything together wildly - the chances of success remain an open question - and try out what happens. The game offers a lot of scope to develop your creativity.

What do you like about Clash of Clans and the scene?

I personally like the community very much. A friendly cooperation in the clan makes the game even better and actually that was exactly what kept me at Clash of Clans for so long. I have always enjoyed communicating and exchanging ideas with cool people.

I think it's really good that Clash of Clans is a free2play game, because with money you progress faster in the game, but in the end it doesn't make you better than the others. I've played a number of games in which individual players have invested a lot of money to get better. For others it was relatively unfair because at some point you just didn't have a chance to compete against these players. It's different with Clash of Clans: In the end, it's all about how you use your troops and what strategy you have come up with.

How is the ESLM currently going for you?

At first we were all in good spirits and highly motivated, even if we were aware beforehand that aTTaX, for example, would be the clear favorite of the league. We also had our first match against them, in which we performed well from our point of view. After we won the second match against TresStellas, our motivation and confidence increased even more, but then the slump came. I can't say exactly why it was, but we were unlucky in some games. Our defense was good, we weren't overrun by any opponents, but in the end it wasn't enough.

I would say we still lack accuracy on the offensive. Often it is the little things that go wrong, such as skills that should come sooner or later. We are currently working hard to eliminate these errors. The tournaments we play on the side help us develop a routine. For us, the ESLM is the first big league that we play together, which is why we have to get together better.

Of course we all hoped for more, but we're not quite out of it yet, even if the outcome of the season is no longer really in our hands. We will now try to win the remaining games and see how it goes.

What do you hope for in the future?

The point now is to work on our mistakes, especially those on our offensive. If we improve there, then we have a good chance of playing at the top. In the upcoming Live Qualifier, I see us in the midfield and as an underdog. We have been preparing intensively for the tournament for three weeks now, so it would be nice if we could perform well. But we all know that it will be a very tough fight, because there are many top-class players who will be very strong. We hope for the best for us!