What is the biggest mango

The largest mango in the world was grown in Colombia

An impressive mango weighing 4.25 kg, grown by Jerland Orlando Nova Barrera and Raina María Moroquin at San Martín Farm in Boá, Colombia, broke the record for the largest mango in the world and was officially named Guinness -World record recognized.

This mango far surpassed the previous record set in the Philippines in 2009 by a mango weighing 3.435 kilograms.

“It is an award and recognition for the efforts, commitment and love of the producers for nature. In addition, this is the second Guinness world record for our community, because in 2014 we set the record for the longest natural carpet of flowers at 3,199 square meters, ”said the two producers.

After the mango was measured and documented for the record, the family shared the mango and celebrated. However, they made sure they have a memento of their accomplishment. “The mango was delicious, but of course before we'd consumed it completely, we recorded everything and provided the community with a nice photo to commemorate this historic moment,” they explained.

Source: islalocal.com

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