Who is the best Ronaldo or Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi: end of an era? Voting: who is currently the best footballer in the world?

Twilight of the gods in the Champions League!

On two consecutive evenings, Lionel Messi (33) and Cristiano Ronaldo (36) flew out of the premier class. Messi was eliminated with Barcelona against PSG, Ronaldo with Juve against FC Porto.

The two all-outshining world stars of the past decade and a half did not make the quarter-finals - that was last 16 years ago!

The two have shared eleven of the last 13 world football titles. Messi is at 6, Ronaldo at 5 - but it looks like there won't be any more.

Her incredibly constant performance curve for a long time seems to be slowly ebbing away. The titles that both of them seemed to have subscribed to for so long are falling out more and more.

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The best example: this year, it looks like both the premier class and the national championship are going through the rags. And: As before, it will probably not go on for both of them. There are increasing signs that both could aim for one last major club change in the summer. And at the age of 33 or 36, the end of her active career is already slowly in sight ...

Only: who will take over the scepter from the longtime kings of football? Or: Has anyone already done that?

We are interested in your opinion: who is currently the best footballer on the planet? The newly crowned world footballer Robert Lewandowski (32 / FC Bayern)? Already Dortmund shooting star Erling Haaland (20)? PSG superstar Kylian Mbappé (22)? Or maybe Messi or Ronaldo?

Take part -here is the vote!