Do ionic hairbrushes actually work

Ion brush test

What can an ion brush do?

An ion brush is designed to style your hair particularly gently. It should be noted that the ion function is often linked to another application. For example, there are smoothing brushes with an ion function and various hairdryers and round brushes also have this feature. A pure ion brush is really only intended for hairdressing. It is used like a conventional hair brush, but does a little more thanks to the ion function. The manufacturers advertise a particularly beautiful shine for the hair and also mention the anti-frizz effect, which ensures that flying hair is avoided. In order for the ion technology to work, batteries or a rechargeable battery are used in the brush. The ion brush test shows: The small particles are supposed to prevent the hair from being electrically charged. The negatively charged ions are released to the hair when you brush. According to the manufacturers, curls are reduced, the hair flies less and even tangles and knots are to be minimized.

Ion brush test: for whom is an ion brush useful?

Ion brushes are intended for all people with unruly hair. Fine hair, which is quickly electrically charged or unattractively frizzled when it is damp, looks healthy and shiny after use. Thicker hair can also benefit from ion technology. Here, however, it can make sense to choose a combination device that also has a smoothing function. With the addition of heat and the release of ions, even thick and wavy hair becomes smooth, supple and shiny. Depending on your hair type, it can also be an advantage to choose a brush with suitable bristles. Fine and normal hair can be cared for particularly well with natural bristles. In addition, the hair oil is well absorbed by these bristles and not distributed further in the hair. Seamless bristles are recommended for thick hair. These slide particularly easily through this hair structure. The ion function is always switched on at the push of a button. Only then does the brush emit countless active ions that virtually envelop the hair. You can also use the brush without this function if you just want to brush your hair in between. The hair is always electrically charged when it is very dry and brushed or combed with the wrong material. In addition to targeted care, ion hairbrushes are the only way to get this problem under control.

This is how an ion brush is used

The use of the ion brush, as compared to the ion brush test, is as simple as combing hair. Simply switch on the ion function and brush your hair. The ions penetrate the hair structure through brushing and thus reduce hair frizz and electrical charging. Thanks to their ergonomic shape, most electric hairbrushes lie very comfortably in the hand and allow a very relaxed application. Those who like to wear updos, buns or pigtails will also appreciate the ion brush. Flying hairs are particularly annoying with these hairstyles. These are then often individually and still clearly visible and ruin the overall impression. Instead of using wax, conditioner and hairspray, it makes sense to use the ion brush before styling your hair. The difference is immediately visible and inspires many users. Most models also have an automatic switch-off function if you should ever forget to switch off the ion function. This saves the battery and is therefore user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Tips for using ion hairbrushes

Always choose a model that is comfortable for you to hold. A brush is used several times a day and should therefore be easy to use. The bristle quality should be of good quality and match your hair structure. Fine hair usually gets along very well with natural bristles, while thick hair finds plastic bristles more comfortable. Pay particular attention here that there are no annoying press seams. These seams not only pull the hair uncomfortably, but also damage the surface. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to the quality of an ion brush. An inexpensive model can quickly save in the wrong place and the effect is then rather negative. The ion function is also not particularly high-quality on some models. It is therefore advisable to look at reviews in order to evaluate the experiences of other users.

The ion hairbrush must of course be cleaned well. Loose hair can be easily removed by hand after each use. However, in order to clean them properly, the brush head must be washed. That is why you should opt for a model with a removable brush head. Otherwise, soap and water would damage the electronics. Good ion brushes allow you to easily remove your head with one click. The best way to remove residues from styling products and sebum is with a mild liquid soap or shampoo and warm water. Then let it dry well and only then use it again.

Ion brush test: the pros and cons of ion brushes

Ion technology is still controversial. There are countless users who are more than happy with it. Others report that they could not find any positive effects. So it seems to be very much down to the personal properties of the hair whether this technology makes a difference. If you want to purchase such a device and have no experience with it, you cannot be entirely sure whether it really delivers the desired result. One tip would be to try an ion brush at a friend's house or at the hairdresser's. Then you can see straight away whether your hair responds to it. It can be that the effect lasts for different periods of time. This is due to the weather, heating air and other factors. Here it helps to simply brush again quickly.

As far as it works, the advantages are really promising. Shiny hair with a healthy look, minimization of flyaway hair and overall a much more well-groomed hair appearance with little effort. The hair feels softer and looks much nicer. Therefore, a test with stubborn and dull hair using the ion technique is definitely recommended.

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