How long can you stay pregnant

When can you get pregnant?

Daysy calculates your fertile days for you in no time!

There are numerous tips, tools, and nutritional supplements that are designed to help you get pregnant quickly. But regardless of the usefulness of these methods, there is one thing that is really important: timing. All supportive measures are useless if no egg cell is available for fertilization. Since every woman ovulate only once during her cycle, there is only one chance of pregnancy per cycle. The question “When can you get pregnant?” Is therefore very important. The more precisely you can answer this question, the greater the probability that you can use this knowledge for a quick pregnancy.

So if you want to get pregnant quickly, you should find out which days you are fertile. Daysy can support you here. Daysy is a state-of-the-art cycle computer that calculates your fertile days for you. Daysy's algorithm has been around for many years and has proven itself among thousands of women. The software draws on the knowledge from five million evaluated cycles and only needs your morning basal temperature and your menstrual entry to calculate it. Daysys calculations are based on the peculiarities of the female cycle and the fact that every woman can only get pregnant on certain days.

When can you get pregnant?

What days can a woman get pregnant?

In principle, sex can only lead to pregnancy for a few days within a cycle. The egg itself is only capable of fertilization for 12 to 18 hours. If no sperm manages to penetrate the shell of the egg cell during this time, fertilization will not take place and the egg cell will be shed with the next menstrual period. However, since the sperm can wait a few days in the uterus or in the fallopian tubes for the egg cell, the days immediately before ovulation are also considered fertile. Typically, sperm remain active for three to five days.

The question "On which days can a woman get pregnant?" Can be answered as follows: If a woman has unprotected sex on the day of ovulation or up to five days before it, there is a possibility of pregnancy. On all other days it is not fertile. The cycle can be roughly divided into a one-week fertile phase and three sterile weeks. Once the fertile period has passed, there is no chance of pregnancy again until the next cycle.

Planning pregnancy: when can I get pregnant?

When planning a pregnancy and using Daysy to calculate your fertile days, you may be asking yourself, "When can I get pregnant?". Daysy shows you every day whether you are fertile or not. But Daysy can do even more: With the practical app "DaysyDay" you can display a preview for the next month. This way you can see in advance which days of the next month you can get pregnant. This preview is not 100% exact, but it does give you a good opportunity to sensibly plan your activities and, above all, your time for two. You certainly enjoy knowing when you could get pregnant. This allows you to calculate when your child would be born if the pregnancy actually went as planned.

But please don't be too disappointed if you don't get pregnant right away. Even if Daysy calculates your fertile days with a very high degree of accuracy and you have sex regularly on your fertile days, it can take a few months before you are pregnant. This is because a sperm does not always manage to penetrate the egg cell and thus fertilization does not always take place. Sometimes the fertilized egg does not implant either. This has absolutely nothing to say and is even intended that way by nature. If you continue to “practice” regularly and don't physically speak against it, your pregnancy will definitely work out soon. In case of doubt, you can of course always seek advice from your gynecologist.