Is it worth buying Destiny 2 Forsaken

How to find your way around the free-to-play version - Destiny 2: New Light

With Destiny 2: New Light, Bungie has put together a content-rich "Free to Play" package. We'll tell you whether it's worth getting started, where there are still problems, which content has to be paid for and which you can get for free.

Destiny 2 is now Free 2 Play. Developer Bungie does not provide all of the content of the online shooter for free, but “only” a very large part. Some extensions still require payment. For many players, the question rightly arises here: What can I play for free, what do I have to pay?

What free content is hidden in the Free to Play version of Destiny 2? We explain what to expect.

It's not that easy to answer, but it's definitely worth taking a look at the free version. We want to reach out to interested players and show them how you can best find your way around Destiny 2: New Light. At the end of the article we will also tell you our opinion on the "Free to Play" version of Destiny 2.

What is it all for free?

Destiny 2: New Light is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and can be downloaded from Steam, the PlayStation Network or the Xbox Store. As a new player, you can then experience the following content for free:

  • Three campaigns (The Red Battle, Escape of Osiris and War Spirit)
  • also the first mission from the Shadow Fortress expansion
  • all planets from Destiny 2 including the moon as a patrol zone (including lost sectors, public events and raids)
  • all contents of Destiny 2 and the two DLCs Curse of Osiris and the spirit of war
  • access to Melting pot (PvP): All playlists and updates
  • Access to Gambit and Gambit Prime (PvPvE)
  • Access to the Billing (PvE mode)
  • Access to the Forging the black armory (PvE)
  • Access to menagerie (PvE)
  • Access to Strike playlistwhich includes the Strikes from Shadow Fortress
  • Access to the Twilight strikes from year 1
  • Access to the Raid Instances from year 1
  • the stakes Whisper of the Worm and Perfected Breakout
  • Access to all seasonal events (Festival of the Lost and more)
  • access to Iron banner (PvP event)
  • separate exotic weapons from year 2
  • Access to the free part of the Season Passes and the Seasonal artifact
  • Access to major game updates such as Melee Finisher or Armor 2.0

You can currently enjoy these quests with Destiny 2: New Light.

What is the paid content?

The free offer is already impressive. However, if you want more, you can buy the missing content afterwards.

In detail, the following content is currently chargeable:

  • Expansion Destiny 2: Forsaken (campaign, strike missions, raid and more)
  • Expansion Destiny 2: Shadow Fortress (Campaign, Raid and More)
  • Season 8 pass (seasonal activities such as the Vex offensive)

As a user of the free version, you can also only use the original sub-classes of the individual characters. The sub-classes added with the Forsaken extension are therefore chargeable, but no longer tied to Forsaken. If you only acquire Destiny 2: Fortress of Shadows, you will also receive the new talents.

Do I need PlayStation Plus / Xbox Live Gold?

In both cases the answer is: Yes.

Although “Free to Play” games can be played online on the PlayStation 4 without a “PS Plus” subscription, this is not the case with Destiny 2: New Light. So if you want to experience strike missions, PvP and other content with friends, you need it mandatory a paid subscription at the Sony service. Otherwise only the solo content is available.

The three original classes are included in the "Free to Play" version.

How does Destiny 2: New Light begin?

Basically like many games: with one Character editor. There you can individualize your character to a certain extent and define its class. The choice between Titan, Warlock and Jäger, as well as the appearance, should be carefully considered, because later there is no possibility of change. Instead you have to create a new character. Incidentally, there is no impact on history.

The choice of class, however, is not quite as extreme as you may know from other role-playing games. All three classes can use all weapons. The biggest differences are with the Skills and Super Attacks, which are divided into their own subclasses for the elements Void, Solar and Arc.

For beginners, Titan or Warlock are recommended, as both have skills that can compensate for mistakes in case of doubt. The hunter, on the other hand, is a little faster. Overall, however all classes pleasantly designed and don't overwhelm with complex talent trees or play styles.

After your character is created, you end up on a mission that Destiny veterans know very well. For the "Free to Play" version of Destiny 2, Bungie the first mission from Destiny reissued and introduces you to the basic controls of the shooter.

Arrived at the tower - what now? - Our tips

As soon as you have completed the intro, Bungie throws you right into the world of Destiny 2: New Light and its full content package. That works very overwhelming at the beginning, besides, Bungie gives relatively little explanation in the game. Here are a few tips to help you find your way around a little better.

After the introductory mission you land on the tower. Explore this one! It is the central hub of Destiny 2. Here you will find important dealers, the postmaster, the bank and much more. A first series of quests leads you to the most important NPCs, who in turn lure you with their own assignments.

Quickly visit Amanda to pick up the campaigns.

As soon as you are through with it, go to it Amanda Holliday. You can find the mechanic from the starting point of the tower on the left in the hangar. In her inventory she has the starting points for the three campaigns of Destiny 2: New Light, which do not start automatically. This is very confusing and can result in completely missing the story missions.

The NPCs are also important Zavala, Shaxx, Ikora and the vagabond. The former is responsible for the strikes, Shaxx takes care of the entire PvP area, the vagabond introduces you to the world of Gambit and Ikora asks you to visit the European death zone, the first patrol area. In the future you will pay these characters a visit more often, among other things for raids, so small mini-tasks like “Kill 10 enemies in one strike” and the like.

Always keep an eye on: Navigator and equipment

Your Quests and forays can be found sorted in a separate menu. In addition, you should always keep an eye on the *navigator throw. Not only do you use this to navigate to the various planets, you should also pay particular attention to the small, yellow stars next to the destinations.

They also show where you can currently still get powerful equipment that usually raises your power level the highest. The exact conditions are mostly explained - albeit superficially. Most of these special tasks are reset once a week (Tuesdays).

Speaking of power levels: All players start in Destiny 2: Free to Play with one Equipment level of 750, the former maximum from Destiny 2: Forsaken. According to Bungie, this was chosen deliberately so that new players can also play directly with friends who may already have a few more hours on their hands.

Don't worry: new prey is not useless. Instead, you can go to Softcap from Powerlevel 900 easily put on and use new parts and weapons again and again. Only then does the endgame of Destiny 2 basically begin, in which you can only complete jumps in the power level with powerful equipment (available for challenges), Primus engrams and exotic engrams (both are dropped by opponents randomly).

Aroused interest? We'll help you farm faction tokens in Destiny 2 (video):

Is the free version worth it?

That is a question that is difficult to answer in general terms. In principle, the “Free to Play” version Destiny 2: New Light with its free content can easily keep up with full-price games. Whoever wants can here over 100 hours of fun without having to spend a single cent.

The paid content primarily contains two new campaigns and endgame content. They are aimed at players who want to spend a lot of time in Destiny 2 and its world anyway. Definitely a fair offer.

Whether the download is worthwhile ultimately depends on your gaming taste. If you are looking for a playfully entertaining first person shooter and you have no problems repeating certain content for new equipment very often, then Destiny 2: New Light could definitely be worth a look. If you don't like that at all, Destiny will probably be disappointed.