What are the disadvantages of eco tourism

The International Tourism Society (TIES) defines ecotourism as "Responsible travel in natural areas that protects the environment and improves the well-being of the local people". A relatively new travel model, ecotourism seeks to reduce the negative impact of human activities on fragile ecosystems, on fragile cultures and on third world economies. The advantages of ecotourism, however, remain mostly theoretical while disadvantages continue to plague ecotourism as they do traditional tourism.
Environmental impact assessment
Ecotourism ideally tries to preserve endangered habitats.

The negative environmental impact of tourism on ecosytems creates a must for enlightened tourism models. There are still advantages and disadvantages.
According to TheBenefitsofEcotourism.com, ecotourism is minimizing the negative impact of tourism on local communities and the environment. If not properly monitored, the ecotourism industry cannot perform any better than traditional tourism. According to TIES, & quot; ecotourism; Great threat "natural habitats. BenefitsofEcotourism.com affirms that in reality, natural resources and ecosystems" rarely "enjoy conservation because corporate interests build tourist attractions that further harm the environment.
impoverished countries could benefit from legitimate ecotourism.

Ecotourism aims to give indigenous peoples the opportunity to earn decent incomes and to raise them out of extreme poverty. According to BenefitsofEcotourism.com, ecotourist dollars could create an environment where local residents enjoy the economic benefits of stretching natural resources. In reality, investors and businesses gain monetarily and local poverty is often not alleviated.
Serious provider
Ecotourism needs more legitimate ecotravel providers.

If ecotourism means are legitimate, ties ensures that ecotourism upholds international labor standards and protects resources for future generations.
Unfortunately BenefitsofTourism warns that tourism regulations abound. Be careful when choosing an ecotourist travel agent. Ask questions to ensure the agent has legitimate environmental and cultural concerns.