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How Indeed works

1. Optimize your presence on Indeed

Jobs from your careers page or from your ATS may already be displayed for free on Indeed. However, these job advertisements lose their presence over time as Indeed is adding thousands of new jobs every day.

With Indeed, offer the best possible application flow by accepting applications via mobile devices or using an embedded ATS.

2. Create a recruiting campaign

Of course you want to reach suitable candidates. We would be happy to work with you to develop a hiring strategy that is precisely tailored to the respective job profile.

We'll help you determine when premium job ads are worthwhile and suggest a budget based on job title and location. Your premium job advertisements are placed prominently in the search results and receive up to 5 times more clicks than free entries. *

3. Become the top employer that all candidates rave about

Build your employer brand with Indeed as a top employer. This increases the presence of your job advertisements and arouses more interest within your target group.

Offer the best possible application process with Indeed by creating a mobile careers page or using an embedded ATS.

4. Track the performance of your campaigns

Job seekers who read your job ad will be directed to your careers page or your ATS. There you can still read applications, schedule interviews and manage candidates.

With statistics from Indeed and your ATS you are always up to date on the success of your current campaigns. Indeed helps you use the knowledge gained in your hiring strategy. This is how you can effectively reach top executives online.

This is how the pricing model works

There is no set fee for premium job listings on Indeed. You only pay when users click on your premium job ads. Some companies invest more, some less. We'll help you set the right budget for your desired results.

Below you will find information from three companies (including budgets) that have mainly relied on Indeed for new hires:

Number of new hires
Costs per new hire
aim Acquire multiple candidates in financial services and customer service
Number of new hires Within three years, the number of new hires through Indeed tripled from 5% to 15%
Costs per new hire $ 200 per new hire compared to $ 2,000 on traditional job boards
Employer statement "Being able to offer a recruiter a pool of candidates with exactly the qualifications they want is one of Indeed's greatest advantages"
aim Find highly qualified candidates in the engineering field
Number of new hires Indeed, twice as many new hires were realized as through a leading technology job exchange
Costs per new hire With Indeed, the cost per hiring was 75% lower
Employer statement "Because so many different specialists use Indeed, we always reach qualified candidates"
aim Maximize presence and find candidates for hard-to-fill healthcare positions
Number of new hires An average of six new hires per month
Costs per new hire $ 167 per new hire through Indeed
Employer statement "Our job advertisements are present at Indeed, but we only pay for performance"

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