Starts Dragon Ball Super again

Dragon Ball Super: Anime could continue this year

With a little luck, this year it will also continue in anime form with Dragon Ball Super and Ultra Instinct Son Goku.

The Dragon Ball Super anime series just stopped after the Tournament of Power. While the manga then returned to top form with the Moro saga, all fans of the television series are waiting for the anime to continue. Now there is a new glimmer of hope that it could be this year, even if it is just a small teaser.

Dragon Ball Super heralds in 2021 with a possible anime teaser

This is what it's about: To celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of 2021, a major event was held in Japan, with performances of songs from Demon Slayer and the Dragon Ball Super anime being the focus.

As in the previous year, Kiyoshi Hikawa performed the Dragon Ball Super-Opener "Limit Break X Survivor" at the NHK Kouhaku New Years event. You can see and hear it here:

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Anime revival possibly teased: As a result, a statement went online on the official Twitter channel of the Dragon Ball super anime, in which Kiyoshi Hikawa was thanked for the performance. But that was not all. The last comment in particular causes enthusiasm among many fans (translation via: Comicbook):

"We wish you the best in 2021 and the Dragon Ball anime too!"

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Another translation from the response tweets also mentions the anime, but there the last sentence reads differently and reads as follows:

"Please continue your good work on the Dragon Ball anime in 2021!"

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Only meant re-runs? Even if many fans interpret these congratulations as an indication of a new anime sequel to the Dragon Ball Super series, that doesn't mean anything, of course. One thing is certain, for example, that the parts that have already been broadcast should come again on Japanese TV, which could also be meant here.

Nonetheless, we of course also hope that the Moro-Arc will be adapted again as an anime series. And when people are already at work, they could actually go straight to the Granola the Survivor sequel, which should be reminiscent of the Cell saga.

How do you interpret the statements? What do you guess when an anime sequel to Dragon Ball Super comes out?

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