Should the old right be deformed

Flat back of the head in the baby - what to do?

Avoid one-sided loading

If the baby's head still looks flat or crooked after months, it is very likely a positional deformation. In addition to the supine position, which is still unreservedly recommended, there are other causes: "Some children have a favorite side, for example they always want to look to the window from their cot. This can result in a flat spot on one side of the back of the head," says Schweitzer. Sometimes the neck muscles are shortened or tense, which makes it difficult to turn the head.

In order to prevent one-sided stress, parents should vary the baby's lying position more often. "When the child is awake and full, lay them on their tummy several times a day under supervision. This is exhausting for the baby. Therefore, one or two minutes are sufficient at the beginning. If the little one becomes stronger, the duration can be increased," recommends Midwife. Keep the little one happy a little, for example with soap bubbles, a rattle or balls. Good workout: place it on your stomach on your stomach. The baby will try to look at you, thereby strengthening the muscles of the back and neck. Also carry your child regularly in the flight grip, in the cloth or in the baby carrier. As important as changing the situation, Tilmann Schweitzer finds it important to address the baby from both sides. He recommends: feeding from the right, sometimes from the left, or handing out toys. If possible, the bed can also be moved to vary the incidence of light, or you can put the child with his head towards the foot end. If it still clearly prefers one side or position, parents promptly involve the pediatrician. "Perhaps there is a blockage in the back or neck that needs to be treated with physiotherapy," says Andrea Hagen-Herpay.