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Good Polish vodka - our 5 recommendations for vodka from Poland

Poles have been producing and drinking vodka since the early Middle Ages. Connoisseurs and vodka lovers agree: some of the best vodkas in the world come from Germany's neighboring country. The two best-known Polish vodka brands are Belvedere and Chopin, which you can now find in almost every country on earth. Clear vodkas are traditionally drunk straight by men in Poland. In addition, they are often given away at weddings and used for mixing in cocktails. Flavored vodkas, on the other hand, are particularly popular with younger generations and are consumed equally by both sexes. Because these are often with taste and sugar and therefore slightly sweet. Good flavored vodka should definitely not contain sugar. We have created a recommendation list of both variants for you, which should make it easier for you to choose the right Polish vodka from the wide range.

Zytniowka Gorzka Vodka from Poland

Zytniowka Gorzka is an old, amber-colored vodka, flavored with selected herbs and spices. It has a unique aroma and a sweet, spicy taste. It is best enjoyed on ice. It is a flavored vodka made from natural ingredients. Everyone in Poland knows this vodka.

Belvedere Vodka from Poland

Belvedere Vodka, which is extremely popular in Poland and now worldwide, is a purely natural product. Without any additives. It has been made according to the same, old recipe for more than 500 years and is subject to careful quality control. Although the brand has expanded worldwide in recent years, the Belvedere Vodka is still one of the most popular vodkas of true lovers and connoisseurs. Polish vodka is also available as Intense, Single Estate Rye Vodka, Smogory Forest and Lake Bartezek.

  • 37,13 €*
    (Price per liter: € 53.04)
  • Wyborowa Exquisite Vodka 0.7l 40%
    25,95 €*
    (Price per liter: € 37.07)
  • Danziger Goldwasser ornamental bottle
    16,97 €*
    (Price per liter: € 24.24)
  • Debowa Oak Vodka - De Chene 0.7l 40%
    18,57 €*
    (Price per liter: € 26.53)
  • 31,94 €*
    (Price per liter: € 45.63)

Danzig Goldwasser from Poland

Not pure vodka, but still a deserved place on our list: Danziger Goldwasser has been a unique alchemical elixir since 1598, which is characterized by the 22 carat gold flakes floating in it. As one of the oldest liqueurs in the world, Goldwasser's secret recipe contains around 20 roots and herbs that combine to create a sweet but spicy taste with a hint of anise, pepper and mint.

Chopin Rye Vodka from Poland

Chopin Rye Vodka is named after the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. It is a premium vodka that many connoisseurs consider to be among the best in the world. Chopin has also become one of the most popular vodkas in hip clubs and bars around the world. Its taste is round, soft and velvety, but also fresh and full of character.

Wyborowa Exquisite Single Estate Vodka from Poland

Wyborowa Exquisite Vodka, produced in Turew, Poland, is particularly elegant in a unique bottle. But anyone who restricts himself to outward appearance is completely wrong. According to connoisseurs, this is one of the best vodkas in the world. No wonder that Wyborowa Vodka was awarded the "Gold Medal" by the Chicago Beverage Institute in 2004. This high-quality vodka is usually drunk neat or on ice, the taste is extremely mild, balanced and yet full of character. Shortly after its market launch in 2000, it sold excellently every year. Despite the flood of vodka that followed, it is still bought. It is a first-class successful vodka. Certainly together with the Belvedere Vodka the best that Poland can offer.