What is InterNIC

Internic term explanation and definition

Internic is short for Internet network information center. Internic was founded in 1993 by three for profit companies and the US government. The US government was represented by the NSF, the National Science Foundation.

The primary task of the Internic was that Allocation of IP addresses and their management. However, the Internic commissioned the founding companies involved with most of the tasks. As a result, the directory and database services were assigned to the AT&T involved. The registration services were carried out by Network Solutions Inc. The information services were outsourced to General Atomics.

The IP addresses

An IP address is an address within computer networks. These computer networks are usually based on the Internet protocol, short IP. The IP address is assigned to the individual devices that are connected to the respective network. In this way, the devices can be addressed so that they can be reached. An IP address can either be assigned to a single recipient or to a group of recipients.

However, the reverse is also possible. Several IP addresses have been assigned to a single computer. A IP address is required to transport data from a sender to a designated recipient. So that this can happen, the data packets are each provided with an IP address. This is a process similar to that used for envelopes with a postal address.

However, there are no human mail carriers on the Internet. This task is taken over by the router. The Router decide on the basis of the IP address where the data packet should be sent. However, unlike postal addresses, IP addresses are not tied to specific locations. They are assigned to a PC, not a specific location.

Today is usually the IPv4 notation used. This consists of four numbers. These numbers have values ​​between 0 and 255. These four numbers are each separated by a period. A possible IP address would be, for example. From a technical point of view, the IPv4 address is a 32-digit or a 128-digit binary number.

The basics of the IP addresses

In order to establish communication between two devices, each of the two devices must be able to send data to the other device. So that the sent data can also arrive at the appropriate remote station, this remote station must be precisely named, i.e. addressed. Within the IP networks this is done using IP addresses.

A web server can in this way, for example, through a Web browser be contacted via his IP address. To do this, however, it is necessary for the browser to query a name server for the corresponding IP address. This IP address is the respective domain such as www.example.de has been assigned. Then he can use the IP address to send data packets to this web server.

The history and evolution of Internic

As early as the 1990s, along with the growth of the Internet, critical voices were also emerging Iternic according to. The criticism was primarily related to the concentration of Internic. Internic acted as a for-profit construct. This was shown by the fact that at that time a domain cost around 50 § per year. In 1997 there were already around one million domains with the ending .com. This does not include the domains with the endings .org, .edu, .net, .us or .de.

Network Solutions However, at this time he still saw himself as the highest Registrar with a monopoly position. Hardly anything was noticeable here from a service-oriented company. It was not uncommon for domain registrations to take one to two weeks. The services were not secured by Network Solutions. This was also criticized more and more often by the critics. This became very clear when Eugene Kashpureff introduced www.internic.net. This is a competitor of Internic. This increased the pressure on Internic immensely.

In 1998, when the pressure on Internic was already quite high, a resolution was passed by the US government. Since August 1999 the tasks of the Internic have been on the Internic Corporation for Assignet Names and Numbers, ICANN for short. The ICANN was founded in 1998 and has no commercial purposes.

However, the brand name remained from Internic and also a website. This website contains information on the subject of domain registration. Whois services are offered here. But the Internic site also has registrars for all of them Top level domains listed. The Internic website is operated by ICANN.

The brand name Internic is still a registered service mark today. This service mark is assigned to the U.S. Department of Commerce. The use of the brand name was also given to ICANN.

There are also in Germany Internic GmbH. However, this is not in any way related to the internics. Internic GmbH operates completely independently and autonomously. Internic GmbH emerged from the Internet. This is a data center operation.

The AT&T

AT&T is a North American telecommunications group. AT&T not only provides telephone, data and video telecommunications for private customers, companies and government organizations. The AT&T also provides internet connections and cellular networks to the same customers.

For long periods of time, AT&T had a monopoly in Canada and the USA. Because of this, AT&T was the largest Cable operator in the world and also for a very long time the world's largest Telephone company.


NSI is the abbreviation for Network Solutions. This is a US company with its headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. The shares were traded on NASDAQ in New York from 1997 to 2000 under the abbreviation NSOL. In 2000, VeriSign took over NSI. The NSI was founded in 1997.

First of all, the NSI exclusively with the development of software programs. The NSI became famous because it was the first registry of the top-level domains. NSI retained the position of the first registry for Domais .com, .org and net from 1991 until it was taken over by VeriSign. Today, the NSI only acts as a registrar and web host. Nevertheless, alongside eNom, Tucows and GoDaddy, NSI is one of the largest companies in the industry.

General Atomics

In the General Atomics, GA for short, is a high-tech company from America. The activities of the GA were mainly in the field of nuclear energy. In addition, a large area of ​​the GA was military technology. The GA headquarters are in San Diego. GA was founded in July 1955 as a division of nuclear energy by General Dynamics. The first president of the GA was the co-founder and initiator Frederic de Hoffmann. In 1967 it was sold to Gulf Oil. As a result, it was renamed Golf General Atomic.

From 1973 to 1982 Shell was at the GA involved. During those years the GA was called the General Atomic Company. In 1982 it was renamed GA technologies Inc. In 1984, Chevron's mother company Gulf took over again. In 1986 the GA was taken over by the two brothers James Nial Blue and Linden Blue. It was paid $ 60 million. From then on the company was called General Atomics. The Chairman and CEO of General Atomics is James Neal Blue. The information services were transferred to the GA by the Internic.

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