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Zenmate VPN in a short test

Frank Ziemann

The provider Zenguard from Berlin advertises with a VPN service based on the German data protection standard. We tested Zenmate VPN for you.

EnlargeZenmate VPN for different systems

With Zenmate-VPN, the Berlin company Zenguard offers a VPN service based on German data protection standards. You can use Zenmate VPN on computers with Windows or macOS as well as on mobile devices with Android or iOS. Zenmate currently has servers in 30 locations around the world to choose from. In addition to a VPN solution for these platforms that protects all Internet activities, Zenmate also offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. These only affect your web activities with the respective browser. The rest of the data traffic runs over your normal Internet connection without a VPN.

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Zenmate follows a no-logs policy, i.e. it does not store any information about its users' Internet activities. However, there is a certain contradiction in terms of the fact that four trackers are used in the Android app according to an analysis by Exodus Privacy. In addition to three Google trackers, this also includes that of the US data collector Appsflyer.

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The 30 server locations available for selection include Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Great Britain, Israel, the USA, Australia, South Africa, Japan and Singapore. You can switch between locations at any time with a click of the mouse. You can mark preferred locations as favorites. Support inquiries are answered in English - even though Zenguard is a German company. After all, even on weekends you usually get an answer within 24 hours. In the help pages, German and English are sometimes mixed up - sometimes even within a sentence.

In the program settings, not all options are self-explanatory, explanatory notes are missing. The Eversecure function, which is activated by default, ensures that a VPN connection is always established when you want to access the Internet. You can also specify whether Zenmate VPN should be loaded automatically when Windows starts. You can also activate a so-called kill switch on Zenmate. This is a kind of kill switch that blocks your internet activity if the VPN connection is lost. This prevents you from suddenly and unexpectedly surfing the network without protection.

The optional DNS leak protection directs DNS requests via Zenmate's own servers so that your real IP address is not revealed in this way. The so-called VPN location monitoring, on the other hand, is intended to ensure that users always get the fastest possible connection based on their location.

At first glance, Zenmate does not offer any servers that are optimized for specific purposes (such as video streaming). However, in the settings for your user account on the Zenmate website, you can choose an optimization for video streaming, content with restricted access (geo-blocking) or torrents. There's also a streaming guarantee here to make sure you get the service you want. You can currently choose from Netflix US, Amazon US, Hulu US and Twitch US.

You will sometimes find other options in the settings of the Android app. Here, too, the Eversecure option is activated by default - the addition “always activated” at least indicates what the function is used for. You can also specify whether websites infected with malware and attacks on the VPN server should be blocked. You can also activate tracking protection. What exactly he does remains unclear.

Test drive
Zenmate-VPN behaved inconspicuously when testing the VPN connections. Switching to a server in another country is done with two mouse clicks and is usually very quick. During the test period (including the weekend) it was not possible to connect to a desired location. If you choose Austria as the server location, you can watch videos in the ORF-TVthek that are only available from Austria. With downloads, the VPN-related loss of speed is in the low single-digit percentage range compared to downloads without VPN.

Zenmate VPN offers software for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Subscriptions with unlimited bandwidth are available for one month (11.99 euros), one year (47.88 euros) and two years (49.20 euros). A 30-day money-back guarantee is included. You can also try Zenmate VPN for seven days free of charge after registering (email address is sufficient).

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