What is environment

prepared environment


Self-organized and responsible learning is only possible in a suitable environment. Maria Montessori coined the term "prepared environment" for this. In order for children to be able to work freely, they need to find materials, media and tools in a fixed place in an orderly manner.

Materials must be handled carefully and appropriately. All things that were necessary for work must be put back in their place. Part of the imperative of social upbringing is that everyone obey it. So the materials are available to everyone again.

The external order enables the establishment of an internal order.

Belong to the prepared environment

  • the order of the room into areas, which are divided according to subject areas and degree of difficulty.
  • the room as an orientation for the child - what can I do? What's next?
  • the room as a place where I like to be, because it is beautiful, because it suits me.
  • the flexibility: I can set up my work area myself with the materials I need for learning.
  • the Montessori materials: Montessori describes them as materialized abstractions. They are generally introduced by the teacher. The child then continues to work with it independently. The materials stimulate the different interests of the children and enable the "polarization of attention". Montessori speaks of "the voice of things". They enable hands-on learning and contain self-control.
  • the teacher: She stays in the background, advises and helps if necessary. She maintains the materials, pays attention to completeness and the proper handling of them.