How do birds of prey migrate

NABU birds of prey hike

On Saturday, February 23, 2013, at 3 pm, a few nature lovers met on Annaberg in Haltern for the "Falke & Co" hike. NABU Haltern organized the hike and the event was quickly booked out. Forest educator Uta Wittekind from W├╝lfrath brought the desert buzzard Merlin and eagle owl Uwe with her and explained what the birds of prey are all about on a walk through the forest. She does not like the word birds of prey, because the animals do not rob - they do not enrich themselves - but they take prey in order to survive on their own.

Uta Wittekind does not give a lecture, she knows how to skillfully encourage the group to think and participate. So she managed to get the undivided attention of the children for almost 2 hours - the youngest was 4 years old. In addition to a lot of theory, there was also practice - how far can a person see, what does a claw print look like in the snow - how do I get trust - and how heavy is a falcon and an eagle owl? Everyone was allowed to carry the buzzard Merlin a little bit - which he did very well - as long as you note that he would like to sit up high - even if the arm becomes heavy.

Back at the parking lot, Uwe, the eagle owl, had his big show. When this enchanting beauty loudly and clearly says "Eagle owl!" calls, everyone is blown away. Uta Wittekind showed the feather ears and let us guess for a long time what it was all about. No, ears don't hide behind it - they have nothing to do with hearing. But with communication - large ears give away a disgruntled eagle owl - like a horse. The eagle owl flies completely silently and can orient itself very well even in complete darkness - bad for its prey, which notices it far too late.

It was an informative afternoon that will definitely be repeated next year. Non-NABU members have to pay 8 euros for the tour.

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