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The best Android apps for bloggers

Steffen Zellfelder

Good ideas, interesting topics and a quick writing in good German are important for a blog. The eleven apps presented here support both the generation of ideas and the elaboration.

EnlargeThe blogging service has over 260 million users.

Anyone can blog, often a user account on one of the relevant blogging sites is enough. But ideas are needed so that readers can find what you leave behind on Tumblr, Instagram or your own website.

We have selected the best eleven apps for professional bloggers and ambitious climbers in the App Store: They allow you to discover new and extraordinary things, access your weblog quickly and conveniently while on the move or take quick notes when a flash of inspiration strikes you. A vocabulary trainer is also on board, so you can dress your ideas in better German.

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Cheetah Keyboard - Cheetah keyboard

Flexible Android keyboard for prolific writers: With this app, you can type texts quickly and comfortably into your smartphone. When it comes to designs, the choice is remarkable.

Bloggers are writers, unfortunately all too often with sore fingers. So that you can get your thoughts and texts on the Internet smoothly, a good keyboard on the Android device is a must, with Cheetah Keyboard - Cheetah keyboard, even ambitious smartphone copywriters can do nothing wrong. The tool replaces the system keyboard with its own design and looks up terms and words online. So if you don't know exactly what that one film with Harrison Ford was called, how a phrase is spelled or what an Oscar winner is called, the app will help you while you are writing: This not only saves time but also avoids the distraction of interruptions while you are writing Texts. The app adapts suggested words individually for users, all kinds of varied designs are available for download free of charge and you can even spice up the keyboard background with your own pictures.

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