How do you promote a game app

Promote Android App: The 5 Best Marketing Tips

Marketing is particularly important for your new Android app - we cover the best tips for self-promotion in this practical tip. Often shortly after publication, the advertising strategy for getting your app to a large audience is missing. Here are the 5 best methods that will lead to your success.

The suffering of the Android developers

Many developers know it: After a long work and a lot of nerves, the first app is published on Google Play. However, the expected success still does not materialize after several days. This is mostly due to the Play Store system: New apps are not found, only apps that are already showing signs of success are featured. With just under a million apps, it will be difficult for users to find exactly your app and choose from the large number of competitors on offer.

1. Meaningful description

The description of your application is particularly important. This is not only searched for keywords by search engines like Google. It's also the first thing a potential customer reads on the Play Store. Therefore, the description should be written in the language of the user if possible - the Developer Console offers special language-dependent descriptions for this. When the user first has to laboriously read through a text in a foreign language, interest is usually already lost. The following applies to the description:

  • Short and concise sentences - the user knows immediately what it is about without having to read a long instruction manual.
  • Use important keywords in the sentences - the search engines jump to this and your app will be brought up in the search.
  • Work with Paragraphs - This makes reading easier and keeps the user interested longer.

2. Create trailer and promotional video

If you have aroused the interest of the user with the first pictures and a good description, a short trailer will completely convince the user of the app. Here you should avoid lengthy and boring scenes - the first minute is usually decisive. During this time you should give a brief insight into the functions of the app and the benefits for potential customers. You can integrate the trailer into the picture gallery directly in the Google Play Store.

  • The video should be of a high quality. In the case of quickly created and blurred videos, the quality is usually related directly to the app.
  • You can also win customers via YouTube. A reasonable title and video description are therefore mandatory.
  • Get to the point quickly - long title scenes may seem very professional, but they usually don't interest the user.

3. Advertising in forums

Many active Android users are registered in forums and are often active. There is usually an area in which new apps can be presented. But be careful - a good idea of ​​the app is necessary, otherwise the topic will be removed as advertising very quickly. If you give users the opportunity to give feedback and respond to criticism, this not only casts a good image on you as a developer, but also pushes your app more often on the forums start page.

  • Present your app with pictures, videos and the Play Store description. In addition, it is nice if you first introduce yourself to the forum and offer to answer questions.
  • Important forums in the Android world: AndroidPit, xda-Developers, AndroidCentral, Android Help
  • In developer forums, too, the interest for others is usually very high. Use the contacts of other developers to increase your clientele.

4. Have the app rated

Contact app websites with the request to test your app once. Probably only a few will get back to you, others will want to sell you costly app tests. However, sometimes you pique an editor's interest and your app will soon appear in the site's news. CHIP also has its own area with app tests:

  • Briefly introduce your app in the request emails and explain why this app in particular is of interest to the readers of the blog.
  • Some tests cost a price, but with a good rating, this can quickly pay off.

5. Advertising on social networks

If you have a name on social networks, you have the best chance of getting your app better known. There are many interested users on Twitter who can forward their messages to their followers. To do this, you have to add relevant hashtags to your tweets, which can be found quickly in the Twitter search. On Google Plus, the communities are a great way to let the public know about your app. You don't even have to have a lot of followers: The Android communities are full of interested users who like to give your app a +1 or recommend it to others.

  • Building a Facebook or Twitter community takes a little longer and is a lot of work for you, but interested users forward your messages to more people - so your fan page grows faster over time.
  • With the integration of YouTube, the Google communities offer a good opportunity to present your trailer to several thousand people.

If you need a little more information on how to create a successful app, we will show you a brief introduction to the topic here.