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From the last FAQ of the SEB:

6. Why is the redemption of the certificates being postponed?

Since the calculation agent does not have the information about the net asset value of the reference fund, which it needs to calculate the index level for the early redemption date, it can use this index level - which the certificate agent in turn can use to determine the certificate value for the early maturity date (i.e. the 31 October 2007) - not determined until further notice. In accordance with Section 4.4 of the Certificate Conditions, the calculation of the certificate value is therefore postponed to the next bank business day on which there is no longer any market disruption.

And the message from ACMH dated September 26, 2007:

The Directors of ... Funds Limited (the “Fund”) wish to announce that they have suspended calculation of the net asset value (“NAV”) per share and to suspend all subscriptions and redemption into and out of the Fund with effect from September 20, 2007 until at least November 2007.

The NAV of the ACMH funds have been available since November 2007 and not least retrospectively for October 31, 2007!
And: All funds are open again, which means that you could invest, which in turn is another indication that there are PRICES.

Brochure liability, late payment, dear Sweden!