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Professions in IT

Popular IT professions

  1. Businessman for digitization management
  2. IT specialist for application development
  3. IT specialist system integration
  4. IT system management specialist
  5. IT system electronics technician
  6. Application developer web and mobile
  7. Electronics technician for information and systems technology
  8. Media designer game & animation
  9. Media designer digital & print
  10. Graphic designer

The different professions in the IT industry are not only well paid and in great demand, but also offer you future-oriented jobs with solid prospects and interesting training opportunities. Your career opportunities in this industry are varied and complex, because nowadays every company and every private household is equipped with several computers, smartphones or tablets. Information technologies have long found their way into our everyday life and have become indispensable.

Jobs in computer science

IT Specialist

The job of an IT specialist is a job with a future and at the same time one of the best-paid jobs! You can also choose from four subjects:

  1. In the application development department, you will develop software, program applications and design user interfaces exactly according to the company's wishes.
  2. As an IT specialist specializing in system integration, you are responsible for ensuring that information technology runs smoothly in a company. You install hardware components and set up operating systems and networks. If something doesn't work, you are the first point of contact.
  3. IT specialists specializing in digital networking take care of the interfaces between the processes and combine the systems with one another. Of course, they also check and change them.
  4. Your training as an IT specialist specializing in data and process analysis includes tasks such as the analysis of work and business processes, optimization of digital business models or the implementation of data protection and the protection goals of data security.
IT system management specialist

If you decide to train as an IT system management assistant, you will not only learn the business aspects that a businessman must master in your training, but also how to advise or train customers on new technical devices and products. The installation and commissioning of IT systems at the customer's site are also part of your areas of responsibility in this IT profession.

Further information for you: The IT system specialist is being developed into an IT system management specialist. In addition, the IT specialist now calls himself a businessman for digitization management. The IT system electronics technician contains updated qualifications, in particular with regard to his electrotechnical competencies.

Businessman for digitization management

As a businessman for digitization management manage and coordinate existing IT systems in a company. But you also determine the new needs and write support applications. These applications should facilitate the daily work of their users and support them in doing so. In this IT profession in particular, you should have pronounced communication skills, as you often carry out professional customer consultations as well as negotiations with suppliers that make a purchase decision.

Jobs in computer, cell phone and telecommunications

Application developer web and mobile

As a web and mobile application developer, you will program new software for the web or for smartphones and tablets. In addition to your skills as a programmer, you also need to have a certain creative talent. In order to be able to learn this apprenticeship, you should have at least a middle school certificate. In this case, you are completing a school-based training course, in which you also have the opportunity to acquire your technical college entrance qualification. Since there are different mobile devices and software manufacturers on the market, you can of course then further train yourself in each of these areas. The scope and duration of the course depend on the respective provider.

Jobs in electronics

IT system electronics technician

As an IT system electronics technician, you have many different tasks. You take care of the installation of network devices and the equipping of all associated components as well as setting up the power supply. You also install new software and put it into operation. In most cases, you don't work in the same place for a long time, because in this IT job you are often out in the field and therefore always with a different customer. It is therefore also very important that, contrary to many assumptions, you have good communication skills in this industry, because at the on-site appointments you of course also inform and advise customers on questions relating to IT.

Electronics technician for information and systems technology

If you decide to train as an electronics technician for information and systems technology, you will build and network computers or other electronic systems, such as signaling or antenna systems. You carry out appropriate tests with the systems and check that they are functional. Any errors will be recognized and processed by you immediately. Therefore, you should definitely have a very keen interest in the latest communication technology in IT for the training and always be up to date. During your apprenticeship, you will receive extensive specialist knowledge and you will also have to decide on a profound area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication in the company.

IT professions in game development

Game designer & media designer

Would you like to become a 3D game designer and construct virtual characters and worlds and bring them to life? Then you have to be aware that this profession is a school education. This takes place at special design academies and takes about two years. Depending on the academy, you will complete an internship of up to six months.

You have to go back to school for the training to become a media designer, game and animation. But do not worry, because the training is interesting and varied. Among other things, you will learn how to design and develop games. You then pack the corresponding design of the game surface and the associated animations in a finished computer game. And what would a decent game be without the special "special effects"? Here, too, you can let your creativity run free and integrate it as you wish.

Degree in IT and computer science

Bachelor of Science Business Informatics

The Bachelor of Science Business Informatics is a dual course of study that you complete in equal parts in a company and at the university. With a degree in business informatics, you do not commit yourself to a rigid professional field, but are in great demand in both commercial positions and IT professions. Often you also act as the interface between the IT department and the administrative departments in a company. Of course, after your studies you will not only have a wide range of tasks in this job description, but also management responsibility towards other employees. 

Bachelor of Science Games Programming

The Games Programming bachelor's degree requires a little more than just your will. For this you have to meet certain requirements so that you can even aim for the degree. In addition to the Abitur, good German and English skills and a successfully completed Interactive Entertainment Diploma are required. If you meet these special criteria, nothing stands in the way of your training. During your studies, you will acquire extensive know-how in the areas of conception, graphics and design, development and production. Thus, you will qualify for almost every field of activity in the steadily growing gaming industry and, after you have passed your degree, you can work in a wide variety of IT professions in modern entertainment.

Popular courses in the IT industry

  1. Computer science
  2. business Informatics
  3. Applied computer science
  4. Technical computer Science
  5. Games programming
  6. Game design
  7. IT management
  8. Media and communication design
  9. Information technology
  10. E-commerce