Is culture the same

What does culture mean? - A search for clues

You can of course define culture. But the experience and meaning of culture is something very personal. When you experience other cultures, you often become very aware of what culture means to you. When you have to find your way in another culture, when you meet people who live another culture. In our group we have seen that it can often be difficult to determine what culture means to you when you are torn out of your own culture. What is my culture What does it mean to me? Has my culture changed due to a new place or new encounters? To get to the bottom of the matter, we told each other what culture means to us.

Culture has a connecting character. Culture shapes the people who grow up in a community.

For me, culture is something positive. Culturality, in particular, is something beautiful that lets societies live and supports them in their development. For me personally, culture is not that important. That means: I never had a culture with German culture that I could or would identify with.

Culture is the story of a people and what has been changed by people over the years. For me, culture is what defines a person - of mentality, habits, history, language, and food; they can all be classified under culture. I find the mix of cultures very interesting - that can always bring something new to a culture.

Culture for me? I am referring to two different countries. What I experienced in my home country and what I also experienced here in Germany. That is different. And you have to do a lot so that you can convince society as a whole that it can understand it - because every culture is different.

Community arises from culture and culture arises from community. This can be very easy in a small group, for example with family or friends. But it is more difficult in larger groups. Common traditions, values ​​and norms exist in almost every community, but they develop and change very slowly. In order to have a positive effect on a common culture, it takes a lot of work and patience.

You can't build your future without culture. Without a culture there is no name, no nationality, no language, no religion, no ... it's like burial for a person. And music. And everything.

What does culture mean? Hard question. Perhaps culture is the sum of all the things that we often don't think too much about in everyday life: how we greet each other, the food, the music, the stories we tell each other, how we see family and friendship, the feeling for time (what does punctual mean?). Culture is definitely not just in the museum or on any stage, culture is also how we live and want to live together. And so the answer I give today may be old tomorrow.

The word cult means as good as prayer. In the German language, culture is regarded as the same as education. I have eleven sub-items under culture. Without ranking, these are: language, religion, art, music, philosophy, teaching and studies, literacy, natural sciences, humanistics, successful coexistence and literature.

For me, culture is something really big, something that cannot really be summed up in one particular point in general. It's more like a lot of small parts that make up culture for me. First of all, of course, there would be literature and the art of telling stories, be it through film or in the theater. Then of course there would also be art itself in general. How to express something, how to present your ideas. Food also offers a great variety of ways to express culture, just to think of how many different types of food and culinary customs there are. Clothing is also a part of where you can find culture, in my opinion. Music is a big part. I think every different culture has its own kind of different musical tradition. Traditions too! Yeah, I think culture is something pretty big that can't be summed up in two or three sentences.

So, for me, culture is a way of life that has evolved over time and with habits.