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Galen Marek

This article deals with Darth Vader's student Galen Marek; for his clone of the same name, see Galen Marek (clone).

Galen Marek


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“When I found you, you were weak. But now your hatred has become your strength. Finally the dark side is your ally. "
- Darth Vader to his secret student (Source)

Galen Marek, also known by the code name Starkiller, was the son of the Jedi Knights Kento and Mallie and was trained by Darth Vader to be his secret student. After the Sith Lord killed Galen's father on Kashyyyk, Vader took the little boy with him and taught him mercilessly and harshly in the arts of the Dark Side of the Force. During the following years, Galen carried out assignments for his master under his alias, which is Starkiller, and without remembering his origins, which consisted mainly of eliminating spies and traitors, i.e. Jedi.

It wasn't until year 2 VSY that he was able to take on more difficult tasks and track down the last remaining Jedi. Together with his pilot Juno Eclipse and the holodroid PROXY, he then took on Felucia, among others Rahm Kota, Kazdan Paratus and Master Shaak Ti. However, after a visit to Kashyyyk, he later realized that he had only been a pawn in the intrigues of Vader and the Emperor. As a result, Galen played a pivotal role in founding the Rebel Alliance by bringing together enemies of the Emperor before he was killed in battle with Emperor Palpatine in a rescue operation on the first Death Star.