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Product optimization of our LDR tilting drawer

Dear Sirs and Madames,

As part of the product optimization of our LDR tilting drawer, in addition to stable, easy-to-assemble mounting plates for the front storage,

actively sprung end stops developed which from May 3rd, 2021 replace the previous front end stops (rubber plates).


Hard knocks and high loads that are transferred to the mounting points in the vehicle when opening via the end stops of the tilting drawer,

are greatly reduced by the integrated compression spring.

The forces acting on the tilting drawer are dampened to a high degree by the use of the spring-loaded end stop.

This relieves the load on the components of the tilting drawer, which reduces wear on the material and increases safety for the user!

Internal test runs and inspections have shown that the load on the rear ball bearings in particular is greatly reduced, as the majority of the impact energy is absorbed by the spring elements.

This property has an extremely positive effect on long, wide-tilting drawers, as the leverage forces can be dissipated very well via the springs.

Compact dimensions allow the spring-loaded end stops to be screwed into the tilting drawer guide at any position as usual.

Of course, the spring-loaded end stops (LDR item no .: 100862) can also be easily retrofitted in existing LDR tilting drawers.


We would be happy to send you a current data record for the complete LDR tilting drawer in the universal .step format on request.

To give you an insight into our test runs and test drives, we have created a small video that you can view under the following link:


The current configurator for our LDR tilting drawer is available as a PDF in the download area of ​​our homepage.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we ask you to use the new configurator for future inquiries and orders.


For further inquiries, we are happy to help you.