How do I teach yoga online

Teach yoga online

Services and programs for teaching via the Internet

After yoga teachers in Germany had to close their studios due to the spread of the coronavirus, many are thinking about offering their participants online lessons. But which services and programs are suitable for teaching on the Internet?

Video conferences with Zoom and Co.

Video conferencing services allow you to see and contact the participants while teaching online. There are a large number of providers who usually have several tariffs with different scope of services on offer. Some providers also offer a free basic tariff. The tariffs often differ in terms of the number of participants. But the duration of the meeting can also be limited. In the free basic version of Zoom, the duration of a group meeting is limited to a maximum of 40 minutes. Therefore, inform yourself in advance about the scope of services of the different tariffs in order to check which one corresponds to your expectations and requirements. Below is a small selection of services and programs for video conferencing:

Adobe Connect



Jitsi Meet



Live stream on YouTube

Another way to teach yoga online is through live streams offered by various social media platforms. The disadvantage: your participants see you, but you don't see your participants. While your participants can contact you directly via video with the options presented so far, they have to express their questions and feedback in writing in the chat during the live stream.

The easiest way to teach yoga through YouTube is to stream it live through your computer or laptop webcam. To do this, you need to create a YouTube channel. YouTube offers functions with which you can restrict the audience of your live stream, for example to paying participants. To do this, set personal live streams as "Private" or "Not listed". "Private" means that your live stream can only be played by people to whom you have sent a video link. "Not listed" means that your live stream can only be played by people to whom you have sent a video link and for whom you have released the video - if participants have passed the link on to third parties, they will not be able to view it.

Other video portals such as Vimeo and social networks such as Facebook also enable live streams. Find out in advance whether live streaming via these services is suitable for your purposes.

Please note that you need a computer or laptop equipped with a camera and microphone for all of the options presented. Basic skills in operating your computer or laptop are also required.

For BDY members there are MeinBDY in the login area Webinar on the subject of "Organizational and technical line-up for online yoga classes" as well as extensive information on the privacy ready when teaching online.

We wish you every success with your own online yoga studio!

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