How was your teenage girl best or worst

Teenagers - then and now

With this model, students can decide for themselves whether they want to show up for the first or rather the second lesson and sleep longer. It is only important that you have a certain number of hours on your time account.


The youngsters of today's generation have the whole world open to them, so to speak: There is a much more extensive range of subjects in schools and the range of schools is also much larger: There are schools that focus on topics, such as business high schools or social science Gymnasium or types of school that are geared towards the special learning needs of their students.

Outside of school, young people have a lot more opportunities than before. Student exchange programs, years abroad and the like have long been part of the classic school offer. After graduating from high school, many school leavers spend a few months abroad. Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA are right at the forefront. Others do a voluntary social or ecological year in an institution.

Afterwards there are many possibilities how the teenagers and young adults can continue: study, apprenticeship or dual study and if so, in which area? What for some means an almost paradisiacal freedom and choice, for others it is simply overwhelming.

There are not only advantages to being able to decide and shape your own path in life instead of, as in the past, drawing from a manageable selection when you didn't have to take over the family business anyway. This also applies to the professional careers of today's youth: it used to be common to work in one and the same company until retirement. Today that is the absolute rarity. Instead, it is considered normal to change jobs and even industry every few years, i.e. to keep reinventing yourself professionally.

However, this abundance of possibilities also brings with it increasing uncertainty. The search for a job that fills you and that you enjoy is made more difficult than easier by the many different options for professional training and the knowledge that you can still reorient yourself later. There is no certainty of constancy.



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