What types of alcohol are low in carbohydrates

What kind of alcohol is the least carbohydrate?

I'm looking for low-carb alcohols. I'm looking for a leaderboard more than a single one because it would be cleaner mind, wouldn't it?

The general idea is knowing what to choose if I want to limit carbs and have a drink.

To make it a measurable criterion I would say that I equally want to be drunk so the amount of drinks I have to consume would vary.


All distilled spirits do not contain any carbohydrates at all. Vodka, whiskey, whatever. Only alcohol, water and flavorings can climb the spiral in a distillation process.

A standard alcohol portion (10 g ethanol) made from distilled alcohol thus contains 0 g carbohydrates.

Correctly prepared table wine should also not contain carbohydrates, as all grape carbohydrates should be fermented. Sometimes substances that are not recognized in a food are counted as carbohydrates, this is claimed by a source with wine.

Then there is sweet dessert wine, because you have 3-4 grams of carbohydrates per 10 grams of ethanol (70-100 ml depending on the wine) because it has more sugar. I haven't found any information on fortified wine, but since they have more alcohol than sweet dessert wine and probably as much unfermented sugar, it's about the same or a little less.

In beer, expect around 7-8g of carbohydrates per 200ml (I'm assuming an average ABV of 5%). A great comparison of American beers is given here

I can't help you with liquors, they are usually infusions of plants in distilled alcohol, but sugar and other ingredients may be added. It depends on the recipe.

When you think about it, the idea is to avoid sweet and sugary - so beat gin, vodka, whiskey, etc. with a diet soda mixer, anything else for low carb.

While ethanol is not strictly a carbohydrate, I would consider the effects of the alcohol itself. If your goal is to avoid the weight gain associated with carbohydrates, I would suggest that the alcohol itself is more significant. While carbohydrates provide at least energy, alcohol is very poorly metabolized.

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