What screams the picky eater

31 horrific moments every picky eater has experienced

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Everyone judges you for not liking mayo.

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1. When you have to say things like "but without the mushrooms" or "no mayo" every time you order a meal.

2. Which often leads to very obvious disapproval from the operator.

3. Which ALWAYS leads to very obvious disapproval from your friends.

4. If you don't have the energy to do it, just lie and say that you are up

Are allergic to certain foods, even if you just think they are rubbish.

5. Your friends get so used to your picky manner that no more plans can be made with food without being double-checked in the group chat to see whether there are things that you can or cannot eat.

6. And they absolutely hate to cook for you, which people usually ... don't do.

7. To the point that you end up bringing your own food when you visit your friends.

8. When you know your parents cook a meal for the rest of the family, but prepare a much more boring thing for you.

9. If you order a meal * without * a certain ingredient, and it comes with exactly this ingredient PACKED.

10. So you send the food back, causing a second - even more embarrassing - round of embarrassment, ridicule, and disapproval.

11. Then the food comes a second time and you're 99% sure they just scraped the stuff off.

12. What a difficult thing to take for a truly picky eater, knowing that your food has been in contact with things that you do hates.

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13. Simply order something from the children's menu, because WHO SAYS ADULTS CANNOT ENJOY NUGGETS?

14. Live in fear of saying no to the situation in which you feel uncomfortable - like having someone cook for you who does not know all of your problems.

15. And you have to choke it down and eat just enough so as not to appear rude.

16. But from time to time it also leads to discoveries: HOLY CRAP, THAT'S REALLY DELICIOUS.

17. You immediately jump into the group chat and tell everyone about your new favorite meal.

18. And if they are really your friends, they will all be incredibly proud of you.

19. When free food is offered at work, which is very exciting for a short time. Until the moment you realize it's covered with this stuff that you hate.

20. And then you go to the same place for the next 127 days and keep ordering the same thing for lunch.

21. And then one terrible day ... they change their menu and now what you relied on so much just doesn't exist anymore. RIP, the only mayo-free sandwich in town.

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22. When you meet new people - especially if this is your first date - and you try to hide the craziness for as long as possible and pretend to be a normal, functioning member of society.

23. Unfortunately, the day always comes when you have to confess, "uh, yes, well ... I don't eat cheese", so that you can just close your eyes and hope for the best.

24. When you keep being asked why you don't like something and you realize that you have no better answer than "BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE IT".

25. And very rarely do people get angry with you for something that does not affect them in any way.

26. If you're the person who doesn't eat all the canapés on the party buffets.

27. When you get any kind of sandwich or burger and you have to flip it open to know EXACTLY what's in it.

28. In order to then remove all problematic elements as discreetly as possible.

29. Also applies to pizza toppings.

30. If there is a small "pile of leftovers" left on your plate when you are done, which is what you are utterly ashamed of.

31. Your true friends know that spending time with you means one thing ... that they will be the first to get anything you don't eat. Which is usually quite a lot.

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