What do you think of Shawn Mendes

Interview: teenage star Shawn Mendes: nice and scandal free?

Shawn, do you still live with your parents?

Shawn Mendes: No, I moved out of my home a while ago and now I live alone in Toronto. In the middle of the city. With a view to Lake Ontario. I really like it, you have a little more privacy than at home and you can also withdraw from time to time. Sometimes I don't like being so alone, but most of the time I realize how good it is for me. I can relax better and that helps me focus on writing music.

How far away does your family live?

Mendes: Half a hour. Pickering, where I grew up, is actually still a suburb. Most of my friends still live there, and some are now studying in Toronto. That means: They hang out with me quite often now.

Do you occasionally ask yourself what you would do now if you hadn't published any clips on the "Vine" website in 2013 and had been discovered?

Mendes: Yes, I imagine that sometimes. But I believe that I am happier with the life I have now. Most 19 year olds would want to swap places with me without hesitation. I can't misbehave in public like my buddies, but I travel around the world, stand on stage and make music.

Have you ever been really drunk?

Mendes: No, that hasn’t happened to me yet. In Canada, however, I can finally officially drink alcohol, 19 is the minimum age for us. And I already go to bars with my friends, and then I always feel completely grown up. But it also happens that we play X-Box for three days in a row.

Shawn Mendes is closely related to his parents

Do your parents visit you often?

Mendes: Yes, all the time. To see what I'm doing and how I'm doing. They don't want me to spend too much time alone.

Are they worried about you?

Mendes: No, we have a very trusting relationship. There is nothing my parents don't know about me. Our relationship is more like that between friends. I never kept secrets from my parents and, as far as I can tell, have never let them down. I think they would secretly wish that I would do nonsense, sink a bit here in Berlin or try something awesome. My parents think I'm too focused and don't let go.

Do you think that yourself too?

Mendes: Yes that could be right. But don't bother me. Then I'm nice and free of scandals. Scandals are overrated. I guess I'm not the type to give people any gossip. I prefer to focus on the music.

You say your song “In My Blood” is your most personal so far. What is the piece about?

Mendes: About my anxiety and how to overcome it. Sometimes I think the world is collapsing on me Fortunately, this condition doesn't last long, maybe an hour, usually just a few minutes.

Sometimes anxiety overcomes him

What do you do then

Mendes: Stay calm. Breathe deeply. Try not to get mad. It's like a sudden fog in the brain that clears up again. I've spoken to a therapist a few times. I do a lot of sport, meditate and make sure that everything doesn't get too much for me. I have an unhealthy tendency to only think about work, so I have to find a better balance.

You always seem so confident and serene. Is that just a facade?

Mendes: No, I am already. Both sides belong to me. I am not shy and I have no difficulty standing, talking, or singing in front of a room full of people. I was pretty extroverted as a kid. But I also know insecurities and fears.

Your new album cannot be assigned to any genre. “In My Blood”, for example, is classic denim jacket skirt, “Lost In Japan” is modern R&B. Was that what you intended?

Mendes: No, I was more of a frightened myself at how different the songs were that emerged over time. I thought: “What am I doing here? I'm not Justin Timberlake. ”But I think that's okay. Genres don't matter to me and neither do my fans. My sister is 14 and she can hear everything. They don't care if it's pop or hip-hop or whatever. And why should it? I am happy that I can be free and do what I want. For example, at the moment I'm really into the band Fleetwood Mac. Its members are as old as my grandparents!

Is “Nervous” about getting nervous in front of a girl?

Mendes: Yes, approaching a girl you care about is the most vulnerable position one could be in. You always want to look like the cool dude. Only: I'm not. I get nervous when I meet a girl. Like most guys.

Dating isn't easy for Shawn Mendes

Are you better at dating girls at 19 than at 16?

Mendes: No, much worse. When I was younger I was more natural and easy going. Now I think about everything a lot more, often too much.

Is a serious relationship something you might consider right now?

Mendes: Naturally. I have no rules and I am not excluding anything. Why should I? When I find someone I really want to be with, and she wants that too - I would love to. Otherwise I just have fun, meet people, well, I don't miss anything.

Your mostly female fans wouldn't want to see it that much if you had a girlfriend. Would you hide it

Mendes: No, I think that's stupid. This is life. The fans have to get over it.

What is the song “Youth” about?

Mendes: About us, about my generation. “Youth” is the most serious song on the album. I am convinced that my generation will grow up more interested in politics than the kids ten or twenty years ago. I can see that in my sister, who is 14 but already talks about important topics as cleverly as if she were in her early twenties. School massacre, terrorism, Trump, equality - it's unbelievable how much is happening, for better and for worse. We can move more than many think. And we don't let our youth take away from us. I have the impression that a really emphatic, compassionate, attentive, loud and alert generation is growing up here. Once we're in power, the world will be a friendlier one.