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Friends and partners

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“You can't be married in real life? Try it in Second Life! "

How do I make someone my partner?

Second Life couples can now make their relationship public. Regardless of whether you are married or just friends, you can define your partner in your profile in Second Life and thus make your relationship known to the rest of the community. Entering into a partnership costs L $ 10 for each partner.

  1. Go to the "Partner" page.
  2. Enter the Your partner's first and last name a.
  3. Make one to your desired partner Request (Text in the field offer enter). That could be a love letter, lyrics, or whatever works best for you two.
  4. click Submit offer.

Your potential partner will be notified via the email address that he / she uses for his / her Second Life account. He / she has seven days to accept the application. If the offer / application is accepted, your names will appear in each other's profile.

If you get an offer for a partnership that you want to decline, you can do so on the "Partner" page as well.

Note: This video tutorial still shows that old Website design, but basically everything still works the same way.

How do I end my partnership?

The person who “divorces” will be charged L $ 25.

  1. Go to the "Partner" page
  2. Select the checkbox next to which is written: "I, (your name), would like to terminate my partnership with the following partner: (the name of your partner)."
  3. click Dissolve. Your partnership is dissolved and your (now) ex-partner will be informed about it.

Can I partner again after a divorce?

We know that matters of the heart can be stormy. Let your partner know that you want him or her back - over-apologizing and a meaningful gift often help - and send him / her a new partnership offer.

We wish you the best in your new beginning.

Does entering into a partnership bring us a special status?

The partnership is displayed for personal reasons and for purely social purposes. Your in-world permissions, group skills, support opportunities, and so on are all taken into account in no way changed. For example, if you have a premium account and your partner has a basic account, this will be no Get services from concierges. We can neither reveal private details from your partner's account, still the partnership allows you to share an account (s).

Will my last name change in Second Life if I partner?

No. Your name stays the same.

Can I find out when I was partnered?

Your profiles in the viewer do not show you this. Regardless, you can relive this magical moment if you have saved your original partnership requests that were emailed to you.

Adding someone to your contacts list

I want to add a friend to my contact list.

There are several ways to do this:

  • If you are nearby inworld, right click on their avatar and Add friend choose.
  • If you're not close enough, or if he's offline, click the button To chat at the bottom of the Second Life window, and then click the tab Friends. Then click the button Addto open a search window where you can type the friend's name.
  • You can also find friends in search:
    1. Click the button Search.
    2. Click the tab People.
    3. Type in the resident's name.
    4. Select it from the search results.
    5. Finally click on the button Add friend.

When you add a friend, the window goes Add friend that allows you to enter a custom message. Use this to explain why you should become friends or a reminder of how you met.

Once the friendship offer is accepted, the resident's name will appear on your contact list and your name will appear on their list. All friendships are mutual. This means that if you remove a friend from the list, they will no longer see you in their list.
To simply give your calling card to another resident without adding them to your contact list, right click on the avatar and choose More> Give a card. Calling cards appear in your inventory in the folder Calling cards. If you double-click it, you can open the resident's profile, but the benefits are limited compared to a full-fledged friendship.

To get even more friends in Second Life, recommend us to your friends from real life!

Someone offered me friendship. How can I accept or reject that?

When another resident offers you friendship, a blue dialog box will open in the upper right corner of the screen.

click Acceptto add yourself to their friends list and vice versa. The other resident will receive an on-screen message that you have accepted the friendship offer.

click declineto decline the offer. The other resident will receive an on-screen message that you have declined the friendship offer.

Video tutorial

This visual aid (s) covers much of what has been described above. However, it was created before there was an option to send a custom message with the friendship offer.

Friendship etiquette

By completing your profile and reading the profiles of other residents, you will have ample opportunity to chat with one another. When you get along well, offer friendship.

If you are using the Second Life Viewer version 1.20 or higher, you can use any name in the window To chat and there in the tab Local chat or click an IM tab to open its profile.

Making contacts is very subjective. This article shows you how to use the properties of the viewer, but that doesn't make them popular. If you are interested in unofficial, resident-generated tips about it, take a look at the SLetiquette (en) page.

Letting friends edit your objects

I want to build something with other people; how do I let them edit my objects?