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John Constantine (Vertigo Universe)

Full name
John Conatantine
Light blazer
previously Trench Coat Brigade, Mucous Membrane, Newcastle Crew
Thomas Constantine (father)
"Golden Boy" (twin brother)
Epiphany Greaves (wife)
Tefé Holland (daughter)
Effective range
Paddington, London, England
relationship status
Wizard, occult detective
place of birth
London, England, May 10, 1953
Earth-One, Vertigo-Universe
Alan Moore, Steve Bissette
First appearance
Swamp Thing Vol 2 # 25 (June, 1984)
Last appearance
Hellbazer # 300 (April, 2013)


John Constantine is a robust supernatural detective. Originally a member of the MainstreamDC universe, the Swamp Thing Introduced as a supporting character, his stories were later moved to the Vertigo Universe. This version of Constantine continued to age in real time on its own Light blazer Stories, while the mainstream version was only on Brightest Day reappeared. They both exist independently of each other.

The Swamp Thing

John Constantine was an occult investigator in England. He had told of a coming dark being and he used many of his contacts to find out what that thing was and what it would look like. Eventually he was taken to the Louisiana Swamp, where he met Swamp Thing. He revealed that Swamp Thing was actually a plant element and connected to all other plants by a force called green. However, he refused to reveal any more until Swamp Thing was ready to meet him in Rosewood, Illinois.

After Swamp Thing dealt with the vampire threat, Constantine appeared to him and gave him another location. In each place, Swamp Thing learned of an evil that was growing across the country, and then Constantine would move it to another place, but not much information.

Meanwhile, Constantine tried to prepare his companions for the imminent danger of crisis. When Swamp Thing finally completed his final assignment, John showed him how the crisis was affecting Earth and then took him aboard the monitor of the monitor to explain the nature of the crisis. There he said that another supernatural crisis was imminent for people like him and Swamp Thing. An evil South American cult called Brujeria had set up an invunche to facilitate the sending of a message that would trigger Great Darkness.

Eventually Swamp Thing and John Constantine met in Brazil at the source of the River Tefé, where John stated that the fate of Swamp Thing as a plant elemental has a legacy that extends through a so-called Parliament of Trees to which he then presented the Swamp Thing .

John, Swamp Thing and the rest of the Newcastle crew eventually prepared for the Brujeria in Argentina. In the battle that followed, the Brujeria managed to turn John's friend Judith into the messenger they were looking for, and Swamp Thing allowed her to flee instead of letting the cultists kill John.

As the Great Darkness became inevitable, John and Swamp Thing parted ways to recruit a force that could help them fight evil. John gathered many occultists and magicians, including Zatanna and her father, John Zatara; Mento; Baron Winters; Doctor Occult; and Sargon the Sorcerer.

John's team used Mento together to send their magical energies to support Swamp Thing's own team in the Spirit World. Unfortunately, the Great Darkness failed and Sargon was burned to death. They were forced to maintain their circle and hold his charred hands so they would not lose contact. The Great Darkness later decided to attack young Zatanna, but her father turned the magic on himself and she had to be forced to watch her father burn. She cursed Constantine angrily for having involved her. After Swamp Thing managed to mitigate the threat of the Great Darkness, Mento watched the Darkness press his hands to the Presence, which drove him insane. With three losses on his team, John Constantine declared the event a draw.

Much later, John Constantine sensed that something had gone wrong in The Green and realized that it was in response to the Swamp Thing's attempts to avoid the Green's protector and focused on his relationship with his wife. He went to Louisiana to chastise Swamp Thing for evading his duty, which was not well received at all. Looking for alternative methods, John reconnected Jason Woodrue with the Green to find out that the riot was caused because the Trees Parliament had begun creating a replacement for Swamp Thing. He believed he was dead after disappearing from Earth in Gotham City.

When Constantine realized that the Green must become a sacrifice to become the next item in order for the Swamp Thing to retire without disaster, Constantine orchestrated a series of events that led to a plane crash, just that Swamp Thing den intended host inadvertently led to heaven. Angry at the failures of Swamp Thing, John washed his hands off the problem.

Original Sins

One day John returned to his apartment to find his old friend Gary Lester, who had been a drug addict for the past ten years, was waiting for him there. Unfortunately, Gary had been taken over by a demon he couldn't properly exorcise. John recruited Papa Midnite and came up with a plan to lock the demon inside Gary and let each other hunger. Unfortunately, this meant that Gary could be consumed by the demon, reducing the already dwindling numbers of the original Newcastle crew by one more.

Despite being haunted by the ghosts of his dead friends, John was fortunate to meet a strange and beautiful woman named Zed, whom he saw as a lover. When John heard that his niece Gemma had been kidnapped by a strange man, Zed accompanied him to Liverpool to deal with it. While investigating his sister's apartment, John met his brother-in-law, who had joined a new Christian fundamentalist group called the Resurrection Crusade. While John managed to save Gemma, he couldn't help but notice that Zed seemed to have had a troubled past with ties to the Resurrection Crusade. An opposing force called the Damnation Army was also discovered.

John encountered the Resurrection Crusade again when he convinced a town in rural Iowa that their sons, who had been declared MIAs during the Vietnam War, could return to them through the prayer pyramid. John saw the results of their prayer turn into a bloodbath.

John later discovered that the force behind the Damnation Army was a demon named Nergal. At the same time, Zed was tortured by young men from a group called the Tongues of Fire. John had used his computer skills to teach his friend Ritchie Simpson, the last of the Newcastle crew, to learn more about the Resurrection Crusade. Ritchie discovered that the Tongues of Fire were a more action-oriented offshoot of the Crusade, but in the course of the search, Ritchie's physical body was destroyed by the Tongues of Fire's security system, leaving his mind trapped in cyberspace. John had to turn off the computer and let the last of his old friends die. As Ritchie's ghost began to haunt him too, John grew desperate and threw himself off a moving train.

Unfortunately, while John was out of action, the Tongues of Fire kidnapped Zed to get her to do what she had done. Meanwhile, the Swamp Thing discovered John's crippled body on the railroad tracks and took him to a hospital. There John was awakened by the demon Nergal - the one behind the founding of the Damnation Army. The demon offered John the opportunity to join him, pointing out that John's friend Ray was murdered by the bigots of the Resurrection Crusade. Meanwhile, Nergal warned that Zed was about to fulfill a prophecy that would upset the balance between heaven and hell.

John agreed to hinder the divine conception in the face of the danger that Nergal would consume the souls of innocent children. The demon healed John's broken bones, but the process required the use of Nergal's own blood. This act left a deep spot on John that would later be of great importance.

John then went to Gotham City where he found it was his 35th birthday. All day he was plagued by a ghost that tried to haunt him. He struggled and returned to Glastonbury, where he interfered in the ceremonies of the Resurrection Crusade to see Zed. She allowed him one last time to fall in love with her without realizing that his demon attack would ruin her too. He then returned to his apartment, where the swamp thing found him and took control of his body.

After Swamp Thing became a more capable brain at solving the question of what to do with the Sprout, he realized he could use John's body as a host to impregnate his wife with the Sprout so he could grow a human child and taught. Needless to say, John was not satisfied with the deal.

The Devil You Know

After the Swamp Thing took control of John Constantine's body, he brought it back to the Louisiana swamp to love his wife, Abby, and with John's human body had a child that was both human and plant in nature .

John's soul has meanwhile been shifted to the astral plane. From there he could see the ramifications of all his recent actions. He had connected with Zed one last time before she was to be taken as a lover by an angel and felt as a divine child. However, the filth of the demon Nergal's blood in John was transferred to Zed in this plot, and the angel destroyed her along with her cult, the Resurrection Crusade.

Nergal was pleased to see John succeed in overturning the prophecy he feared, but the demon soon realized that something was changing at The Green. By using John's body, Swamp Thing was able to reproduce with a human, and due to the pollution of John's veins, that child fulfilled the prophecy.

Upon returning to the body, John went to Newcastle, the site of an event that had haunted him for the past decade. He remembered how in 1978 he and his friends came across a young girl who had been so abused by her father that she summoned a demon to kill him. The girl was driven mad and the demon stayed, so John decided to summon a stronger demon to fight him.

He and his friends requested a demon, but instead of appearing in human form, he possessed the girl's body. At John's command, the demon killed the opposing demon, but soon found that he had not done so because of some obligations. The demon came of its own accord and as payment he demanded the girl's soul. John tried to escape with the girl, but failed and she was killed. Since then, every member of his team has been killed in turn, and it always seemed to be John's fault. Ten years later, John discovered the identity of the demon who had defeated him: Nergal. Since naming has power - something he hadn't known in Newcastle - John wanted to face Nergal again and win.

After trying to kill Nergal for a week, John only realized that his friend Ritchie Simpson was still alive despite being trapped in cyberspace. However, he had a plan. John stepped into cyberspace and lured Nergal to follow him there. With Ritchie's help, John took Nergal to the edge of heaven, where Nergal's soul was destroyed. After thwarting Hell's henchmen three times, John Constantine was able to go unpunished. However, Agony and Ecstacy warned that one day he would die and Hell would come to rally.

The Fear Machine

Upon returning to London, John discovered that he was wanted for the murder of the two thugs in Paddington when he saw Nergal kill. He tried to hitchhike out of town, but when the police nearly caught him, he had to flee into the woods on foot. There he met a young girl named Mercury who seemed like a medium. She was part of a commune of former members of the peace convoy who now traveled as nomads through the English countryside.

John decided to travel with them, and they soon met another group of travelers in a park-up. He befriended many other newbies, including a man named Errol who claimed to have met Zed after John saw her die in the astral plane. John also tried to seduce a woman named Myra, but when she revealed that she knew he was wanted for murder, he had to hypnotize her. The attempt failed but was quickly chased away by Mercury, who wanted to take him to see a stone circle along the ley lines.

At the stone circle, a feeling of fear suddenly overwhelmed Mercury, and the site had been occupied by a facility run by a company called Geotroniks. One of the facility's administrators, a Dr. Fulton, seemed to recognize Mercury's psychic potential, but John managed to get out of trouble.

Upon returning to camp, John tried to apologize to Myra, and although she accepted his apology, she made his tea with highly poisonous mushrooms. The subsequent psychedelic journey took John back to the stone circle, where he saw a Russian man trying to test the stones. John and the man were suddenly overwhelmed by fear and the other man started banging his head against the rocks. When John finally came to his senses, there was no sign that the other man had ever been there.

The next morning, Fulton had men pose when police raided the camp and took Mercury and her mother, Marj, into custody. Marj was later drugged and released, allowing Fulton to escape with Mercury without resistance. John went into town and found Marj at the local police station. Before he brought her back to camp, he heard the name "Beale" - another name to add to his list of geotronic employees alongside "Davis". While Marj and the nomads had decided to meet with the Pagan Nation in Scotland, John decided to return to London and promised to find Mercury somehow.

John's train back to London was the target of a psychological attack of sheer fear by geotronics in the hope of finding and killing a Russian spy whose partners they had previously killed at the stone circle. John managed to rescue this spy, but not before the train crashed and most of the other passengers were killed.

In London, John met a Detective Chief Inspector, Geoffrey Talbot, whose failure to do so had become a victim of corruption in his department. He had exposed him to the bullying and ridicule of his colleagues - especially a man named Davis. In fact, Davis had begun writing threatening letters to Talbot's wife, who was eventually driven to suicide. After that, John decided to look for a guest in the same hotel who was working as a reporter on a story of a series of suicides involving Geotronik's employees. Upon arriving at the man's room, John discovered that someone had tried to murder him.

John rescued Simon Hughes and overheard everything the reporter had to say about geotronics. With this information, John concluded that the company was a cover for some sort of weapon development, using psychic energy and ley lines as a transport system for a load of fear. The Black Squad, led by Beales and Davis, must have kidnapped Mercury to activate this weapon.

It was indeed, and Doctor Fulton had started training Mercury to extract fear from phobics and transfer it to a special jar. One day she decided to look into this jar and discovered that a terrible fear monster was growing in it. A man who had been consumed by the creature warned that geotroniks were hoping a creature named Jallakuntilliokan would come.

John took Hughes and Talbot to meet the Russian spy only to have everyone but John von Davis arrested and captured.By now Mercury had got Doctor Fulton to let her out of the building for a day and then let her escape. Seeing that Fulton had failed, Webster killed him and then began the ritual of human sacrifice that would lead to Jallakuntilliokan's awakening. [37] The Geotronics Director appeared to inform Webster that the Masonic Great Lodge had ordered the closure of its operations. However, he was horrified to find that Webster's actions were far beyond his control.

On his way back to Scotland, John was reunited with Mercury, and later they met with the Pagan Nation and Marj. Unfortunately, the group had been attacked with some kind of powerful magic that had killed many of the male members of the commune. John tried to meditate a little to see what they were up to and witnessed Simon Hughes being murdered by Webster while Talbot and the Russian were trapped in the room with the Fear Machine.

John and Zed decided at the Pagan Nation that Webster was trying to awaken the male half of the ying and yang; a great dragon. Zed explained that without his female partner's balance, the dragon's awakening would be chaos. John sent a team to try to cut off the kite's power source at the leylines while he, Zed, Marj, and Mercury tried to lift the female kite.

Inadvertently, Talbot brought about the arrival of Jallakuntilliokan by strangling Davis to death in revenge. To counter this, Zed and Marj used John sexually to conceive the female dragon. Zed gave birth to the dragon and restored its balance. Then the oceans rose and washed them all off, John was left alone.

John later woke up on a fishing boat, where all threats to earth along with his female companions had apparently disappeared without a trace.

The Family Man

Upon returning to England, John decided to stay with someone he knew, Jerry O'Flynn. Jerry's exploits were so legendary that the writers of fiction began to base their characters on him. For Jerry, however, the line between his real life and his life in fiction was starting to blur. Before long, Jerry was captured by fictional characters and put on trial for blurring the line too much, and he was taken away.

John decided to stay in Jerry's unoccupied mansion, where he discovered a safe that contained drugs and money. Apparently Jerry was addicted to trading. John was then interrupted by a visit from an elderly gentleman who claimed he had a long-standing agreement with Jerry in which he would trade a package for an envelope containing certain information. While the man wasn't looking, John looked in the envelope and found it contained information about an average English family. After the man left, John discovered a ledger in which Jerry wrote how he had started trading souvenirs from an active serial killer known as the Family Man for potential victims. Seeing this, John realized that he had facilitated one of these murders.

After three months of avoiding the problem, John's guilt grew to the point that he was tortured by nightmares from the murdered family. So he decided to pay a visit to Reed Hackett, the man who collected the family man's keepsakes. After framing Hackett for the murders, John made sure he was captured in a press photo of the arrest so the killer knew he was coming.

John was lying in an apartment above his friend Chas Chandler's workplace, where he was called by his sister Cheryl to tell him that his father had been killed. Shaken, John promised to come to Liverpool for the funeral, even though he feels responsible for the murder. Resolutely, John bought a gun and agreed to spend the night with Chas' cousin Nora - a prostitute. When the family man followed John to Noras, Chas followed him to his own hotel and reported to John to warn him when the killer was about to wake up.

The next morning, John snuck out of Nora's house and watched the family man wait for him to come out of the front. He couldn't bring himself to shoot the man in the back, so he went back in and came out the front door as expected. He tried to lure the killer to a construction site, but Morris realized it was a trap and decided to let John go to Victoria Station and take a bus to Liverpool unscathed. However, when the bus stopped for repairs, he appeared in disguise and attacked John with a knife. John managed to get out of sight and in their struggle grazed the killer with a bullet. The experience shook Samuel Morris' memory of murdering his own parents as a boy. Instead of seeing that memory, he forced John to pull the trigger again and get him out of his misery. John was very uncomfortable at the thought of killing someone and vomited at the thought of what he had just been involved in.

John later attended his father's funeral where he discovered that his niece Gemma saw her grandfather's ghost and was a distraction to her. Eventually, he realized that the reason his father couldn't rest was because he had cursed his father in revenge for burning his books on occultism by sending his father's soul to the corpse of one had tied a rotting cat. By this time he had realized that if he did nothing about it, his father would die, so he had stored the cat in formaldehyde and buried it. Just as the cat has been preserved, so is Thomas Constantine's soul tied to it. So John and Gemma burned the cat's body on his mother's grave and they finally said goodbye to Thomas.

Dead Boy's Heart

After John found himself in a state of constant drunkenness and depression over the murder of his father and his own murder of the Family Man killer, John returned to London to see his old friend Mercury and Marj. Mercury felt his depression and knew he would try to abuse his mother's love for him by demanding sex, but there was nothing she could do about it.

The fact that he was forced to kill the family man reminded John of his childhood when he and his sister were sent to live with their aunt and uncle. He had been bullied trying to steal the drunken janitor of a nearby quarry and while running away he discovered a skeleton and stone that he believed was a boy's petrified heart, the janitor had murdered. As he carried the stone around, John began to believe that it was influencing him towards evil deeds. He returned to the quarry to throw the stone where it came from, but it landed on the roof of the caretaker's hut. When the caretaker failed to get out of the cabin, young John believed that the stone had to be knocked through the roof and had killed him.

When John set out to find Mercury, she accused him of becoming a wreck for fear of what awaited him in death. With her ability to know what people fear most, she grabbed John's psyche and forced him to see his own death. In this look to the future, John was an old man; forced to leave a hostel for smoking and not in line. When he tried to meet with a much older Mercury, a pack of hellhounds attacked him and threw him into the river, where he drowned.

After John recovered, he agreed to stay with Mercury and Marj for some time, and they traveled to East Anglia on Mercury's recommendation. Their van broke there and John and Marj went into town. Meanwhile, Mercury met a boy named Martin Aclin, whose father was a sadistic butcher. They became friends, but when Martin's father came to pick him up, the boy had to watch his father slaughter pig for pig. Drunk, Martin's father pulled him up like a pig and pulled him into his underwear to humiliate him. Mercury intervened and used her skills to make Martin's father his fair desserts. From then on, Martin began to travel with them too.

John and his company reconnected with the Pagan Nation with Zed and Errol, although John had begun to sense something that made Marj seem like he would not stay long. He had thrown Zed with his tarot, and he had a vision of his birth when he wound the umbilical cord of his twin brother with uterus around his foot, cut off his blood circulation and killed him along with their mother. Feeling that this first murder had determined the direction of his entire life and prevented his twin brother from becoming the powerful magician he was supposed to be, John ventured into the night while he was very focused on psychedelic mushrooms and then again Uterus entered.

In a parallel universe, John's brother became a powerful Magus. He had used his power to create some sort of commune of magicians, but late in life he had visions of the brother he had murdered in the womb. He tried to kill the vision with magic, but it struck him down, apparently killing him. He eventually recovered, but the event shook him and he decided to face his demons. In the astral plane he met John, who had been waiting for him there for 40 years. They concluded that neither of them was the "right" twin - it was two halves of a whole. They would have to merge with one another.

The next morning, Errol, Mercury, Marj, and Zed found the cave John had entered before collapsing and removing his footprints. His clothes hung on a stone on which an epitaph had been carved: "From the womb to the grave and back again, the journey wobbles on." Zed commented that John would surely have to live and die a thousand times to become a true Magus.

Dangerous habits

John, still alive, lay down for a while, but thirty packs of silk cuts a day had caught up with him. John was diagnosed with lung cancer. Morbidly, he took a tour of a cancer ward to prepare for it. There he befriended a man named Matt Higgins. Although John admitted that he would be checking into the station soon, he swore inwardly that he would try some crazy plan to avoid his fate before attempting the first time.

John tried to ask his friend Brendan Finn, a heavy drinking Irish magician, for help in healing his ailment. Brendan had discovered a spring of holy water in his basement, and with John's help, he magically turned the water into beer. When John found the courage to ask for help, Brendan admitted that he had hoped John could help him cure his liver disease. With all the alcohol, Brendan died that night, and The First of the Fallen itself came to collect. Sleepily, John urged the devil to try some beer and turned it back into holy water and burned it inside. The distraction allowed Brendan's soul to go to Heaven, but the devil swore vengeance on John.

John turned to his demonic friend Ellie for help, but there was nothing she could do. She warned that The First of the Fallen had begun preparing cruel punishments for him. So John tried the snobby angel Gabriel for help. Gabriel refused, claiming that John's fate was deserved. John drowned his worries in beer and came up with a new plan.

It took John the next day to say goodbye to his friends and family. He said goodbye to his sister Cheryl. He left a letter and some money for Chas. He said goodbye to Matt Higgins for good, stating that he wanted to go on his own terms. Then John returned to his old apartment in Paddington. There he called the demon Beelzebub together and promised him his soul. Then he called Azazel and offered him the same. Finally he took a razor and cut open his wrist. With his inevitable death - from blood loss or from cancer - John was visited by The First of the Fallen, who took great pleasure in his suffering.

When Azazel and Beelzebub claimed the soul for themselves, The First of the Fallen realized they had been betrayed. John's soul was promised to each of the three rulers of Hell, and one of them had to claim it. While no one would give up his claim, they could not wage war over it lest the forces of heaven intervene and claim soul and hell for themselves. With no other option, Lucifer furiously removed John's cancer - in as painful a manner as possible - and brought him back to perfect health. John couldn't help but rub in his victory.

John spent three days drinking when he realized that the demons would likely watch out for mistakes that would give them the opportunity to visit the suffering in him. While walking the streets he met Brendan's ex-girlfriend Kit, and they caught up with her. While they were about to have coffee, they came across Chas, who reminded John that he hadn't told anyone he wasn't going to die. John remembered seeing Matt Higgins just in time before the old man died. Matt had reminded John to stay close to his true friends - people like Kit. Feeling responsible for his friend's death, John ran away, but Kit found him on the street and hugged him, which underscores his importance to his life.

Royal Blood

After a long period of confusion for John, he and Kit admitted their feelings for each other on Christmas Eve. John spent so much time at Kite's apartment that she suggested moving in with her on the condition that his occult activities never come home with him. But while it was up to John, there was a violent and brutal murderer on the streets of London and Sir Peter Marston knew exactly who the murderer was.

Marston tracked John down and took him to the Caligula Club - an exclusive place where Britain's rich and powerful could afford shameful and even criminal behavior. There he stated that a prominent person had tried and possessed a demonic incantation. Particularly disturbing in this situation was that the possessed killer was the Prince of Wales.

At the Caligula Club, John met the prince's younger brother, who tried to both persuade him to do the exorcism he had asked for, as well as for the elder prince to die and get one step closer to the throne. John declined and began preparing for a seance by getting in touch with his acquaintance, Nigel Archer. Nigel led John, Marston, and three witnesses to the incantation in the seance; Marston had also brought three of the killer's victims with him. The victims and stripped the demon, and John convinced the demon to name his victims in exchange for the life he needed. The demon named them Calabraxis, implying that he had once possessed the man who came to be known as Jack the Ripper.

Meanwhile, the obsessed prince was anxious to remember his identity and rid himself of the parasite in his brain. Unable to access his own memories, he accessed those of the demon and saw the previous night. There he recognized Marston and who he was. Before the prince could scream, the demon stole control and decided that he should go to the Caligula Club to kill that meddling John Constantine.

Meanwhile, John moved in with Kit and snuck a page of Ben Cox's Grimorum Verum into his luggage in hopes that this would help him exorcise the demon without losing his own life. Marston meanwhile prepared his husband David Hezlet for the possibility of killing John and Nigel as they intended to go to the press once the exorcism was over. John and Nigel appeared shortly afterwards, waiting for their meeting, but outside Marston was causing an uproar. John decided to search Marston's desk while he was out and discovered that he too had pages from the Grimorum, suggesting that he was directly involved in Calabraxi's summoning. A scream from the hall drew John out and he was horrified to discover that the killer had come to him. The prince jumped on him and bit deeply on his shoulder.

John woke to find his wound had been treated by Hezlet while the man temporarily incapacitated the possessed prince.At that moment, Hezlet sought out the remaining witnesses of the incantation and then killed them. John and Nigel tried to come up with a plan that would remove them from the scenario with their lives. John stole a pair of handcuffs from the younger prince's office and then came back to Marston's request as to why he intended to use the grimorum to put a demon on the throne. Marston said he had hoped to create a new regime where only the ruler and the ruled would exist without democracy. In disgust, John Marston handcuffed a pipe and began the exorcism.

John called the demon from the prince's body and instructed him to enter Marston instead. The demon could not move away from the pipe and besides its host had only someone to kill. Because of Marston, it began to tear and eat on its own body. Hezlet came back and tried to stop the madness, but John managed to beat him against the demon, resulting in his bloody death. With all those responsible for the killings dead, John and Nigel left the prince alive. He knew that more problems would be caused in his death than leaving him alone.

Guys and Dolls

The First of the Fallen eventually discovered that the succubus and Chantinelle John Constantine were known. When he tried to rape her and use her to get to Constantine, Chantinelle escaped from Hell and asked John for help. Reluctantly, John agreed, knowing that his friend Kit Ryan no longer liked to deal with demons and black magic and was betting on the debts the succubus would owe him if he would help.

Chantinelle already owed John because she had come to see him years ago with an angel's child. The result of their forbidden love would have their child taken from them, and both Heaven and Hell would target the parents for death. John had agreed to help set them up in an abandoned house and use runes to mask them from the sight of demons. Eventually he discovered that no one in Hell had known about the affair. Unfortunately it was not so for Heaven, and the seven archangels came down, killed Ellie's angelic friend, and took her child from her. Even though she had lost everything, Ellie still owed John to save her from the wrath of her Masters.

While Triskele, First of the Fallen and Queen of the Succubi, looked for Chantinelle, John gathered the tools he needed and took Ellie to the same house where she had given birth. The demons caught up with him there, too late to find the missing succubus because a masking sigil had obscured their sight. John stated that he had carved this seal on Chantinelle's soul. You would never find her again.

This was counted as the third time John tricked the First of the Fallen, and according to the laws of Hell, this meant that his intended torture was attended on the deceived demon instead. When Agony and Ecstacy visited this justice with him, he tore it to pieces and vowed to get revenge on Constantine no matter what. Ellie was getting used to life on earth and owed John.

Fear and Loathing

Since he last met John Constantine the Archangel Gabriel had begun to doubt himself. Constantine had warned him not to deal with a man named Charles Patterson, a racist. Well, the angel had wondered why a righteous God would even allow such a man to be associated with him. Confused, he decided to take a walk. This alerted Patterson's spies and gave him the opportunity to meet a young woman named Julie with whom he was in love. The issue of racism was also at the forefront of John's mind when he met his friends Dez and George Foster in a pub after they were ripped out of Birmingham by white supremacists. Eventually, Patterson discovered that Constantine was at the root of the Archangel's doubts and ordered some men to be killed by John's friend, Kit Ryan.

As Gabriel's relationship with Julie grew stronger, Kick's own relationship with John had reached a point where she was ready to stay in London for him. When there was a knock on the door, she was surprised to find two thugs armed with knives. Although she managed to injure them and flee, the invasion shook her badly. John had since decided to investigate the links between Patterson and the attacks on the Fosters when he and Dez were attacked and kidnapped by Patterson's own thugs. He later woke up tied to a chair and Patterson explained that he had disfigured Dez so much that he was sure to bleed to death overnight. Seeing this, John realized that Kit wasn't sure either.

Patterson's plan was to use the Archangel Gabriel to maintain political power in Britain and push through its racist agenda. However, this plan wasn't going to work because John had already made sure the angel couldn't do it. While Gabriel and Julie had completed their relationship for the first time, the woman suddenly turned into the Succubus Chantinelle, whose job it was to seduce the angel. When he was in passion, she tore his heart out and sent him back to heaven to be thrown out by his Lord. While the fallen angel would be of no use to Patterson, he would be of great use to John. With the foreskin Bible he had just obtained and the heart Ellie had got him, the archangel was now committed as a protector against the vengeance of the First of the Fallen.

John managed to escape when Dez's brother George discovered where they were and killed Patterson and his men in revenge. When he returned to Kit, her horror had turned into anger. He had promised to let her out of his demons and darkness, but he had failed.

Powers and abilities


  • Corrupted blood: Constantine's blood is demonized, first from a blood transfusion from the demon Nergal and later from sex with a succubus. His blood has been shown to have healing properties. It also acted as a defensive mechanism when he was attacked by the King of the Vampires.
  • magic: Constantine is a magician, but unlike most magicians, Constantine rarely uses magical spells unless he really has to, especially in combat. Some examples of Constantine's magic:
    • curses: Put a curse on his father that made him disappear, a curse on a host to seek revenge, a gang curse that drives them catatonic madness, or a spell to trap someone between the intervals . Constantin's curses are strong enough to affect demons.
    • Dimensional travel: Chased by Nergal, Constantine opens a path to heaven. He leads Nergal to the limits of heaven, where the angels attacked Nergal and tore him apart.
    • Divination: He uses a pendulum and a map to find the location of a magical disturbance.
    • exorcism: tied up, immobilized and sealed the demon goddess Kali and destroyed a demon with a spell. Constantine summoned a demon and made him physical, which made him passed out and vulnerable and able to shoot Headers with a shotgun. John also uses the correct spell that can destroy the gods or seal them.
    • Golemancy: John was able to raise a golem.
    • Create illusions: People think he is someone or something else and change someone else's image.
    • invisibility: Used seals to make himself invisible and he can see many invisible powers.
    • Spell circles: Protective magic that John uses to ward off supernatural and physical attacks.
    • Mind control: John is able to use magic to control other people's thoughts. He once controlled an entire prison of inmates to tear himself insane and bring him a cigarette, and he could even erase a man's traumatic memories.
    • necromancy: Aroused a group of murder victims as ghosts to attack their killer and aroused storms of the soul to attack his enemies.
    • Pyromania: Fire or Hellfire sometimes originated from his cigarette or lighter to attack his enemies.
    • resurrection: He allowed himself to be killed, but later awakens by leaving the afterlife.
    • Spirit Ward creation: He placed a magical seal on Ellie's soul that prevented the powers of heaven and hell from tracking her, and he used seals to hide from Satan. He has also put various seals on an abandoned caravan that he has lodged in to hide from the demon Nergal. Constantine can also write seals on his body that protect him from magical attacks and possessions, and prevent demons from physically touching him.
    • incantation: He summoned a jinn to attack some military. John can also summon other heavenly beings such as angels and gods. John also summoned the demon Nergal to destroy a monster for him, which he did (although John lost control due to his inexperience)
    • Probability manipulation: An instinctive supernatural ability to be in the right place at just the right time. This has made John incredibly fortunate, with incredible sums of money at arcade machines and casinos, for example. Avoiding harm And more often than not - meeting the right ally to prevent or stop an apocalyptic event. He can also use it to reshape the battlefield at his own discretion.
    • Time travel: John used a time portal spell that sent him back to 1979.


  • Arcane knowledge: Constantine has an extensive knowledge of occult concepts such as magic and the supernatural.
  • illusion: John Constantine is an excellent artist and negotiator. These skills are often more useful than his magical ones. Constantine faces most of the challenges, mostly based on his cunning. Despite the pressure, lack of time, and preparation, Constantine can envision a strategy for defeating his enemies in a fight and outsmarting both Heaven and Hell while engulfing fear.
  • Unleashing
  • Martial arts: Constantine's skills in unarmed combat vary depending on the writer. Some portray him as a poor physical fighter while others portray him as a skilled hand-to-hand combat fighter. However, he has occasionally won fights, either using magical weapons, dirty fighting, or quick thinking. During his fight against the god demon Nergal, John tore his back with ease. In addition to hand-to-hand combat, Constantine also uses stealth to defeat enemies, such as illusions and seals to sneak in on opponents.
  • hypnosis
  • Tactical analysis: John is a tactician and strategist and can plan a strategy on the go. Although his IQ is never claimed, he is known to have a great intellect. Constantine fought against many of the most powerful; Gods and great intellectual spirits. His successes are among gods.
  • Possession resisted: With his magical knowledge, Constantine can withstand many psychological attacks, such as: B. Telepathy, possession of body and soul, and powerful mind controls. Constantine can even use seals to block omnipresence.
  • Dexterity: Constantine has also shown great mastery in "Stage Magic".


  • Despite the ability to avoid direct consequences for his actions, John's friends regularly pay the price he doesn't.


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