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Dusk is falling over our data center in Douglas County, Georgia, not far from Atlanta.

  • welcome

    Google is proud to have a data center location in Georgia.

    Google has operated a data center in the Atlanta area since 2003. We have invested more than $ 1.2 billion in Douglas County over the years and created over 500 jobs in Georgia. We make intensive efforts to support the social environment in which our employees live and work.

    Since 2007, we have sponsored nonprofits and schools in Georgia with over $ 8 million. Our employees are active on site on a voluntary basis. In addition, we have developed an innovative water treatment system with which we can cover 100% of our cooling water requirements.

    Douglas County provided the right mix of energy infrastructure, developable land and suitable manpower for the data center.

  • work environment

    Google strives to recruit the best talent from around the world as employees. At the same time, we make sure to employ as many people from the region as possible - both out of social responsibility and economic reason.

    In addition, orders are given to local companies whenever possible. If you are interested in providing services to Google, you can find useful information on our help page for providers.

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    • Active and committed on site

      At Google, we have made it our business to have a positive impact on our environment wherever we work. With funding and local initiatives that use our tools and know-how, we want to support companies, educational institutions, citizens' initiatives, nonprofit organizations and individuals in building a sustainable, knowledge-based economy. We are continuously looking for ways in which Google employees can use their time and know-how positively for the social environment.

      Facts and figures about Google's social commitment on site:
      $ 8.68 billion for commercial activities for the benefit of corporations, web publishers, and nonprofits in Georgia in 2019
      $ 8 million in donations to nonprofits and schools in Georgia since 2007
      50 % lower energy consumption in Google facilities compared to a typical data center

    • Partnerships and events

      Google sponsors several local projects each year in collaboration with local organizations. The spectrum ranges from programs to promote training in MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) to supporting small companies in setting up their Internet presence.
    • Funding program for the region

      Since 2007, we have sponsored Georgia nonprofits and schools with more than $ 8 million. This money has gone into projects on topics that are very important to us, such as scientific and technical training, the reduction of CO2 emissions and access to the Internet.

      More information about our funding program for locations with data centers, the requirements for participation and application options.

    • Environmental initiatives

      One of Google's goals is to make the web better and greener. We are happy to include suggestions from the environment of our data centers that help reduce CO₂ emissions in the immediate region. This includes projects that increase the share of renewable energies in the supply of our data centers. Both nonprofits and for-profit companies can apply. The projects should aim to lower the cost of energy generation, drive innovation and reduce overall CO2 emissions. You can submit suggestions at [email protected]