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Basketball app: The 3 best free apps in the test

With a basketball app you always stay on the ball. It provides you with live tickers, videos, reports, tables and even live broadcasts on your favorite teams and leagues. We'll show you the three best free basketball apps for Android and iOS.

A basketball app brings your favorite sport to your smartphone. Thanks to it, you can follow all the games of your favorite teams, regardless of whether you are a fan of the NBA, the Euroleague or the BBL. Read in the live ticker what is happening on the field and let push notifications inform you about the most important events along the way. In addition to game results, tables and other statistics, you will also find news and videos about basketball in the application.

easyCredit BBL - The German

With the basketball app easyCredit BBL You are guaranteed not to miss an important event in the highest German basketball league. in the Game Center You will find information on past and upcoming games, live tickers for the currently running games and even information on free TV broadcasts. in the Data center In the basketball app you can find the current season's schedule, table and results as well as live scores for the BBL Pokal. In the News you will be informed about the latest events in the BBL daily via blog entry and Twitter stream.

easyCredit BBL is your perfect basketball app if you are only interested in the BBL. You will not find information and games from other leagues such as the NBA or the Euroleague here. The application is also completely free and ad-free for Android and iOS. If you are interested in a paid live stream, you can find in easyCredit BBL under TV Links to the Telekom Sport app and the Telekom Sport website.

  • free of charge and ad-free
  • detailed information about the BBL
  • Free TV notices and live stream offer
  • only informs about the BBL

The basketball app easyCredit BBL:

NBA - The American

The NBA-App reliably provides you with all the important information about the strongest basketball league in the world. If you have chosen your favorite teams, you can see on the home-Page automatically always the latest scores, videos and news of your favorites. Under Games you will find the schedule and all current games. If you tap on a specific one, the live ticker or the game summary will be shown to you. In the tab Videos you stream the latest highlight clips and under Results you can find the league tables.

NBA offers everything you could wish for as a fan of the American basketball league. With the paid NBA League Pass, you can even watch the games of your favorite teams in the live stream in the basketball app. Otherwise the application is completely free for Android and iOS. There is advertising, but only in the form of less disruptive banners that lead you to the NBA fan shop.

  • detailed information about the NBA
  • free
  • In-app live stream offers
  • Articles and news in English
  • informs only about the NBA

Basketball 24 - The international

Basketball 24 is the app for basketball addicts. It provides you with information and live tickers for all kinds of games around the globe. Not only the NBA and the BBL are represented here, but also the Brazilian NBB, the Chinese CBA, the Swedish basket league and a few more. If you select a certain league, the game schedule and all game results are displayed. Under live there are unfiltered live tickers for all currently running games around the world and below My game and My teams only the games of your specified favorites. In the tab Standings you see the tables of all basketball leagues.

Basketball 24 is a great app if you are looking for live tickers for specific games. Unfortunately there are no news and videos for this. The annoying advertising bar that constantly flashes at the bottom of the screen is also a bit ugly. But there is the basketball app completely free for Android and iOS.

  • Information on numerous leagues
  • free
  • No news and videos
  • advertising

The basketball app Basketball 24:

Conclusion - our test result

We introduced you to three of the best basketball apps for Android and iOS. If you are only interested in the German BBL, is easyCredit BBL Your favorite. The application provides you with news, videos and live tickers from the Basketball Bundesliga around the clock. As a fan of the NBA, you can't avoid the app of the same name. You will also receive incessant information about the games and players of your favorite teams from the States. If you can't make up your mind or are a fan of all basketball leagues in general, we recommend Basketball 24. You won't find any news or videos here, but live tickers for all kinds of basketball games around the globe.