Homer was more than a person


This statue of Homer dates from the time of Ancient Rome. Even then, Homer's works were centuries old.

Homer, read: Ho-more, is said to have been a writer in ancient Greece. He is considered the poet of two important stories and perhaps other works. However, almost nothing is known about him. Maybe it didn't even exist.

Even in ancient times one puzzled who Homer was. Allegedly, he was blind and poor and wandered from place to place. However, he obviously knew a lot about the life of the aristocrats, the wealthy rulers of his time.

The first work that Homer supposedly wrote is called "Iliad". It tells of a war between the Greeks and the city of Troy. One of the Greek heroes was Odysseus: after the war, he and his friends tried to get back home by ship. This odyssey of Odysseus appeared in the second work, the "Odyssey".

Today one is not even sure whether both works are by the same poet. In any case, they were difficult, long narratives that were likely to be written down. The way Homer's Greek sounds, is believed today: The works were probably written around 700 BC, i.e. around 2700 years ago. It is so old that Homer is called the father of European literature.

  • Homer is said to have been buried here on the island of Ios.

  • A vase from around 2500 years ago: the goddess Aphrodite saves Aeneas, a Greek from the "Iliad"

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