What was the greatest Ringo Starr moment

“I still remember the moment when I just stood there and looked first at John and then at George. The looks on our faces said something like: ‘Oh my God. What just happened here? ‘”, Paul McCartney recalled the first time The Beatles played drums with Ringo Starr.

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"And that was the moment, that was the beginning, the right one, the Beatles." And although he was not adequately recognized in the extravagant and colorful late sixties, which mainly produced drummers like Keith Moon and Mitch Mitchell, it was Ringo who not only gave shape and focus to the greatest band of all time, but also its music.

Everyone wanted to play like Ringo Starr

Just note the insane eddies at the beginning of “She Loves You”, the crisp liveliness in “Ticket To Ride”, the slippery cymbal insert and casual conciseness on “Rain” or watch out for the clever and memorable “Rhythmic Hooks” “Threw in many of the beloved Beatles songs. Personally, his good-natured cordiality made him the most accessible in the band.

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“With John it was up and down and so on at times, but Ringo was just lovely. He also firmly believed in peace and love, ”said Yoko Ono. As a left-hander with a right-hander set, Ringo Starr developed his own unique style and filled every song with feeling and swing. His steadfast and unwavering reliability has become the gold standard for rock musicians with a no-nonsense attitude. “Ringo was the king of feeling,” stated Dave Grohl. Jim Keltner admitted, "We all wanted to play like he did in the studio."

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