Who coined the term tax money?

No competition with tax money

No competition with tax money

Thurgau has been working on a new addiction concept since Monday. Cantonal doctor Mathias Wenger explains that the new concept for the years 2012 to 2020 aims for more coordination of the institutions that are active in the prevention area.

Mr Wenger, why is there a need for a new addiction concept for Thurgau at all?

Mathias Wenger: The old one dates from 1992. It has been revised several times, but is shaped by the drug scene on the Platzspitz. It therefore focuses on illegal drugs. Modern addiction policy is increasingly concerned with legal drugs such as alcohol and nicotine as well as with non-substance related addictions such as gambling or internet addiction. The aspect of the common good (public health) has grown in importance. Today's addiction policy continues to build on the tried and tested four pillars. These four pillars are prevention, counseling / therapy, harm reduction / survival and repression.

What's new about the new addiction concept 2012 to 2020?

Wenger: There are many institutions in Thurgau that deal with prevention. The most important service provider for health promotion, prevention and addiction in Thurgau is the Perspektive-Zweckverband. Important tasks are also performed by institutions such as the Cancer League, the Lung League, the Rheumatism League, the Blue Cross, Codex and others. One of the aims of the new addiction concept is to ensure that these various institutions agree on what they offer and that everyone performs where they are most competent. In particular, competition in the field of prevention should not take place at the taxpayer's expense. What happens to private money is, of course, a different matter.

Are there any other innovations in the addiction concept 2012 to 2020?

Wenger: We will do cost-benefit analyzes to measure the efficiency of the prevention efforts. We assume that we will have fewer government funds available in the next few years. This raises the question of what is important and what is less important and which preventive measures have the greatest effect. A newly introduced control monitoring will help us to set the right course.

Which forms of addiction are most widespread in Thurgau, and which ones have the greatest health and economic consequences?

Wenger: Number one is tobacco. Nicotine addiction causes about eleven percent of health problems. Number two alcohol addiction is responsible for around seven percent of damage to health.

Why is a Thurgau addiction concept even needed? Shouldn't Thurgau work together with its neighbors, since Thurgau residents mainly go to the exit in Constance, St. Gallen and Zurich?

Wenger: The health system is regulated by the cantons. National and cantonal guidelines and specifications are important in addiction policy. Successful implementation must take place locally.

What is the timetable for the addiction concept from 2012 to 2020?

Wenger: The day before yesterday was the kick-off. The concept should be ready in May 2012 so that it can be approved by the government council. From 2013 we want to work with the new concept.

Interview: Martin Knoepfel