What is the history of Catholic hospitals

The St. Josef Hospital Essen-Werden has its roots in a long Christian tradition. In the formerly independent abbey town of Werden, the poor and the sick were cared for by the monasteries and hospices until the mid-19th century. In 1854 the parish of St. Ludgerus took the initiative to set up a hospital in Werden and stayed until mid-2013 its main shareholder.

To prepare for the construction, dean Hermann Josef Köllmann (1809–1872) and Werden mayor Alexander Freiherr von Schirp (1814–1887) appointed a hospital commission on June 6, 1854 and created a hospital fund to provide the necessary funds. The citizens of the abbey town of Werden donated a total of 8,000 thalers, which enabled the construction of the hospital in the former Ferber's inn. In 1857 the Catholic hospital was officially inaugurated and operations began with four nuns. Growing requirements made expansions and modernizations necessary again and again at an early stage. Thanks to the commitment of the Catholic community and the generous donations of the population, the necessary measures could always be implemented.

The energy of becoming citizens

The more than 150-year history is a reflection of political upheavals, social changes and economic ups and downs that had to be faced. The Catholic hospital was badly damaged in the Second World War - on November 29, 1944, an air mine struck directly in front of the main entrance. Nevertheless, the work continued under the most difficult conditions; In some cases, treatment and surgery were carried out in the bunker, to which there was no underground access from the hospital for a long time. After the war it was again the citizens of Werden who actively helped and helped to repair the damage caused by bombing attacks.

In the mid-1960s, further expansion of the hospital and the establishment of new departments began. In 1968 the center for anesthesiology was established together with the neighboring Evangelical Hospital. In 1971 the Clinic for Ear, Nose and Throat Medicine followed, which until then had only been run as a department. In agreement with the district government and the cost bearers, the Clinic for Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology was finally set up in October 1978. The expansion of the range of services, the modernization of medical technology, for example in the Center for Clinical Radiology, the establishment of medical centers and interdisciplinary care structures as well as the establishment of day clinic wards and outpatient clinics made major renovations and expansions necessary: ​​after the first major renovation phase was completed in 1995 The groundbreaking ceremony for the second major renovation phase took place just one year later. The new bed wing was inaugurated in 2006 and construction of the new operational center began in 2007. The central operating room, a 15.8 million joint project between the St. Josef Hospital and the neighboring Evangelical Hospital, was expanded in several steps. The first construction phase with seven ultra-modern halls was completed at the end of 2009, followed by the second construction phase with three additional halls and the holding area in 2012.

As part of the Essen University Medicine Association

On July 1, 2013, the University Hospital Essen acquired all company shares of the Catholic parish of St. Ludgerus in the St. Josef Hospital, while the neighboring Evangelical Hospital was transferred to the sponsorship of the Essen church district at about the same time. The cooperation between the two hospitals at the common site in Werden was put on a new footing. The St. Josef Hospital has found a permanent place within Essen University Medicine.