How do I monetize carpooling

Carpooling BlaBlaCar relies on online payment

As a company (!) blablacar is oriented towards profit maximization in the long term and only introduces structural changes that serve the profit of the company. So far not surprising. But as blablacar introduces alternative payment systems and then makes agreements with AXA insurance that every journey is contractually insured, with which personal and journey-related data are passed on, FREEDOM is LIMITED. Do users want that? NO! Blablacar, like any other company, suggestively wants to get users to want something the company wants, for example through influencing methods of "nudging". Here, blablacar destroys the users' freedom of choice and negotiation options by introducing limited options that are prescribed by the company. Everything else is made impossible because only the company's specifications are mandatory. What does that mean in concrete terms? Behavioral manipulation, the "service" from blablacar can only be used if the user submits to the specifications and behavioral regulations of blablacar immediately and without objection and acts as blablacar deems it right.

WAKE UP! Do you users really believe that a for-profit company brings about structural changes in your sole interest? Or were there democratic votes for these changes? NO, because it's a COMPANY!

Solution: Create a new website, which is operated in the sense of an association or "honorary" and restores the freedom in negotiation agreements, usage behavior, data determination!