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AV test: Windows Defender achieves a perfect result for the first time

It's been a while, but once the relationship between Microsoft and AV-Test was quite tense. But that has long been a thing of the past, because now Windows Defender has achieved a "perfect" result for the first time. The Redmond company and the Magdeburg antivirus program specialists had quarreled for a long time. Because AV-Test went harshly with the security solutions from Microsoft, the company from the northwest of the USA, however, felt that it was treated unfairly.

But in 2020 there is no longer any sign of this, on the contrary: In the current results of the best Windows antivirus programs for private and corporate users, the Defender has for the first time risen to the select group of products that not only have a full 18 points can look forward to six points each in terms of protection, speed and usability (via Dr. Windows), but also a perfect detection rate (without a single false positive).
AV Test Results for Home Users ...... and companies

100 percent of all pests detected

Not only is this good news for Microsoft, it is also bad news for the competition. Because the "perfect" 18 points for Windows Defender, which were determined for the period May / June, are the final proof that you are well protected with "on-board tools" of the operating system and that you do not have to spend additional money on virus protection.

The only other virus protection program that recently came up with such a flawless result is Kaspersky Antivirus. This software also achieved 100 percent in May and June with not a single false detection.

Other programs also got a full 18 points, namely AhnLab, BullGuard, F-Secure, McAfee, Norton LifeLock and Trend Micro. Most of the programs achieved more than 17 points, only the solutions from Microworld (15 points) and Cylance (14.5 points) ranked behind. Malwarebytes came in last with just 13.5 points. Test, Antivirus,
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